Small Puppy Is Fast Asleep When He Rips a Giant Fart. He Proceeds To Have The Funniest Freak Out.

Dogs are full of funny surprises and it’s often the simple, little things they do that makes us love them all the more. This sentiment seems to be especially true when the dog in question is a young, chubby, adorable puppy! The white and black spotted little guy with the tiny white paws kicking restlessly around in the accompanying video is proof of this, but he’s also full of something else (maybe*- see below)!

The angelic looking dog was taking a nice relaxing nap on the carpet one day and by the looks of it he was well and truly passed out. His legs were moving and his body was twitching randomly, which is a tell-tale sign that he was in the REM stage of sleep, which is where we experience heightened mental activity and dreams occur. I’m no expert, but it’s safe to assume that he was dreaming about chasing a ball or a cat or doing something of the sort that puppy’s love!

Anyways, in the middle of his siesta time someone decided to let one rip and out came a loud, disgusting sound that could only be interpreted as a fart! The sudden, unexpected noise jarred the poor puppy awake and scared the heck out of him. He looks bewildered as he glances around the room while a man, possibly his owner, can be heard laughing in the background. The dog’s reaction is spot on and exactly how I would have reacted if I were in his position, I’d be like what the…!?!

* While the story should end here, it doesn’t. Apparently many of the commentators on YouTube have been debating the source of the fart in the clip. One side claims the dog is the one who passed the gas, while those on the other side are positive that it was the man. In true YouTube fashion, everyone has to weigh in with their own opinion on the matter and some included a few strange facts(?) to back them which are really just gems. You be the judge!

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