Some People Aren’t Getting Buried Instead They Are Doing THIS With Their Ashes! Would You?

Dealing with death is difficult for everyone…those who are dying and those who are left behind.  Some people abhor the idea of being buried in the ground, and choose to be cremated instead.  Those who choose cremation, sometimes leave instructions as to where they want their ashes spread, and often times they do not.

For those who choose cremation, a jewelry company may have come up with an option that might appeal to you, or to those left behind, who want to keep a part of their remains close. A company called Algordanza, out of Switzerland, has created what they call a “Memorial Diamond”.  Incredibly, they utilize a portion of the cremated remains of a love one, and convert it into a genuine diamond!

As astounding as this sounds it has a sound scientific basis.  The human body contains 18% carbon, which as you know, is the element that diamonds are composed of.  Algordanza created a process that utilizes 2% of the carbon that remains in what is left after cremation.

The graphite is pressurized in huge machines, after it has been heated to 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit, creating a simulation of the way natural diamonds are made.  The color of the stone varies from white to dark blue, depending on the level of boron that is in the cremains.

Watch the following footage for a better understanding of the process and how it can be used to keep your loved ones close, and honor them every day after they are gone.  Clearly this is not for everyone, but for those of you who contemplate cremation and what comes afterward, this is well worth watching.

The cost of such a process is $4,500 as compared to the cost of burial, which averages $10,000.

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