Pit Bull Saved From A Fighting Ring. Now Watch His Unexpected Reaction When He Feels Love For The First Time!

What you are about to watch in the video below, is both a story of the power of love and bravery.  The Pit Bull who was rescued and brought to this shelter, was the victim of people who abused him for a dog fighting operation.  It is appalling how animals are repeatedly put in dangerous situations for human profit.

A woman comes to visit this traumatized animal whom we see is behind bars.  It seems that she is there to assess what he needs and his current level of aggression.  Although she is clearly experienced with regard to animal body language and sound, I still found her approach to this frightened dog to exhibit not just compassion, but bravery.

He was moaning a sound that could be interpreted in different ways, but given the fact that he wagged his tail as she soothed the dog in a loving tone,  she felt she could extend her hand to him through the bars. The look in his eye when she initially approached him, spoke volumes.

He looks mistrustful and beyond skeptical about approaching her.  What eventually happens should not be missed.  Pit Bulls, as a breed, have an aggressive reputation.  Here lies a dog who has been used for just such a purpose.  Tell us what you think about this stereotype after watching this injured dog’s response to this woman.

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