Pizza Delivery Guy Realized She Was Desperately Mouthing ‘Help Me’. He Immediately Attempts The Unthinkable!

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There’s no question that pizza delivery drivers see their fair share of strange things while out on the job.  They’re tasked with going to many different homes where people tend to be mostly relaxed and off-guard. After all, we feel safe and want to be comfortable in our houses.  While many people might answer the door in their pajamas or more questionable outfits, that’s usually the extent of any possible awkwardness.     

For one Domino’s pizza delivery driver in Waldo, Wisconsin, the situation he walked into one night wasn’t awkward, instead it was scary and potentially dangerous.  Joey Grundl was out delivering a pizza to a residential address and after he rang the doorbell a middle aged man named Dean Hoffman answered the door. As the man paid for the pizza, Joey noticed that behind him stood a woman who he assumed must be his wife or girlfriend.  The woman pointed to her eye, which was bruised and black, then mouthed “help me, call the police.”  

Even though he was stunned and alarmed, Joey didn’t let his emotions show.  Instead he finished the delivery and walked calmly back to his car. He didn’t want to let on that he’d seen the woman and risk escalating the situation.  As soon as he was safe inside his car, he called 911 and explained what he had seen.

Officers were dispatched to the address and when they approached the house they could see Hoffman in the window looking out at them.  After they knocked, he opened the door but blocked the entrance with his body. The woman knew the police were there and couldn’t see her, so she began to yell for help and the cops forced their way inside to rescue the trapped lady.

According to the woman, Hoffman was her ex-boyfriend and he had forcibly entered her house earlier that afternoon.  She’d told him to leave and had tried to call 911 but he ripped the phone out of her hands and dragged her away. A physical altercation ensued with Hoffman shoving and punching her in the face as she tried to escape.  He threatened her and at one point tied her up with a power cord and gagged her with a towel, which made it very hard for her to breathe. The woman thought she was going to die but when Hoffman decided to order a pizza, she was given a chance to be saved.

When Joey arrived to drop the pie off, she silently asked him for help, and he answered by calling the police and reporting what he’d seen.  In the end, the woman was rescued and Hoffman was arrested on multiple felony charges of burglary, kidnapping, strangulation and suffocation, false imprisonment, and intimidation of a victim.  When Joey was told that he had probably saved a life, he just smiled and said “yeah, I guess.” He was simply doing his job and the right thing but ended up a hero in the process!

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