He Places Tea Bags All Over His Car. THIS Reason Is Unexpectedly GENIUS!

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Tea is second only to water for ranking among the top consumed beverages in the world. According to teausa.com, it can be found in almost 80% of all U.S. households and on any given day over 158 million Americans will drink it.

By far it’s one of the most versatile drinks and can be served in countless different ways. However, you don’t always have to drink your tea to enjoy it and there are lots of additional uses that tea bags can be put to. One of the best ways they come in handy is by freshening up smelly, damp places.

Some people toss them in shoes and garbage cans to stave off odors, and as the One Pot Chef Show explains, they work just as well in cars. No one likes riding around in a stinky car and if you spend a lot of time in your automobile, you want it to smell good.

The best, most cost-effective way to achieve a pleasant smelling car is by placing a few tea bags all around the interior. Put a couple under the seats, in the glove compartment, ashtray, seat or door pockets, and anywhere else you can hide them.

The dry tea bags not only release their own pleasing scent, they also work to absorb any excess moisture or odors that may be present in the air. They work better in comparison to store bought car-fresheners because they actually eliminate odors instead of just temporarily masking them as the store varieties tend to do.

This won’t even cost you a penny if you have an extra box of tea laying around that you don’t really like or will probably never end up drinking. Instead of throwing it out, re-purpose it and freshen up your car.

The best types of teas for a fresh smelling car are the flavored varieties and both cinnamon and vanilla are recommended by the one pot chef, but really any fragrance you prefer or have on hand will do.

Tea’s deodorizing aspects work wonders and the bags can be placed in stinky shoes, refrigerators, garbage cans, around litter boxes, and anywhere else that bad odors pop up.

The tea bags last several months and should be replaced when needed to keep your car smelling clean. Just one box will last a long time and easily covers a year. Plus, since the average box of tea costs less than five dollars, it’ll save you a lot of money.

Try it today and see what a wonderful difference they can end up making!

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