Tiny Penguin Runs Towards His Human But When He Finds Him An UNEXPECTED Surprise!

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Penguins are naturally adorable animals who are known for having “happy feet.” They also happen to have happy laughs, which shine through best when they are tickled. If you need proof of this, then look no further. The accompanying clip shows Cookie, a “little penguin” both literally and figuratively, laughing happily when his handler tickles him at the Cincinnati Zoo.

It starts off with Cookie waddling around in the hallway, behind the scenes scoping things out. He makes his way over to visit with some staff members and suddenly begins to tap his feet and flutter his little flapper wings. When he spots his favorite zookeeper he hurries to his side to say hello.

The handler reaches down, wiggles his fingers around, and that’s when Cookie lets out a joyous giggle-type noise that is delightful to hear. He seems to be purring with delight and you just have to hear Cookie’s trills and happy sounds to get an idea of his vocal capabilities.

The adorable little bird is a member of Eudyptula minor, which is the world’s smallest species of penguin. On average, they grow up to 13 centimeters tall and weigh in at around 3 pounds. Cookie lives at the Cincinnati Zoo’s Bird House in Ohio, while other fellow species members of his are often found on the southern coasts of Australia and New Zealand.

Little penguins are so small, magical, and cute that they’re often called fairy penguins. They go about their days zipping through the waters close to the shore looking for tiny fish to eat. However, the poor little guy in this video has a bumblefoot and can’t be in the water a lot.

Bumblefoot is when the feet become inflamed and infected with bacteria. To prevent it from worsening or becoming fatal, staff at the Cincinnati Zoo keep Cookie inside when the other little penguins go swimming. For the time being he needs to keep his foot bandaged and as dry as possible. Hopefully his feet will heal and he’ll make a full recovery soon so he can swim again.

One thing is certain though, this little penguin is one special bird that will melt your heart!

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