I Couldn’t Ever Get My Corn On The Cob To Taste Just Right. But Then I Added THIS Secret Ingredient!

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Now that the worst of winter and the coldest temperatures seem to have passed, many of us are looking forward to the warm weather and getting outside. While there’s countless things to love about the spring and summer months, one of the best parts about them is all of the fresh fruits and vegetables that we get to enjoy. Who doesn’t crave a sweet, juicy serving of fresh corn on the cob once in awhile?

Corn on the cob is just as American as apple pie and when it’s in season you can often find it at any farmer’s market, roadside stand, or grocery store in the country that’s worth their salt. While eating the corn is easy, picking out the best, most fresh ears is not. Nothing is worse than buying some corn, lugging it home and cooking it up, just to sink your teeth into a bland piece of mealy corn.

You can avoid that scenario in the first place by knowing exactly what to look for when picking out corn at the market. Here are some tips from CBS New York’s “Fresh Grocer” segment on selecting the freshest, sweetest ears of corn. First, check the outside appearance and look for tight husks that hug the corn, avoid loose ones.

Peel back a section of the husk so that you can view the inside kernels and check to see whether or not they look healthy and if they’re arranged in tight, compact, straight and even rows. Avoid ears with kernels that are loose or falling out. Finally, don’t wait a day or two to cook the corn.

If possible, cook it right away to preserve the best flavors because the sugars inside the kernels are rapidly breaking down and turning into starches. Those sugars are what make corn on the cob taste so sweet and yummy, so the longer you wait, the less sweet they will taste.

Here’s another corn on the cob cooking tip. Bring a pot of water to a boil and then add some milk to it. Place the ears in the milky water and drain when done. You’ll end up with delicious, sweet, creamy tasting corn that melts in your mouth.

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