This Pup’s Baby Sister Is About To Crawl For The First Time. Now Watch The Dog’s Reaction!

Tongue out and with a wide grin, this little girl is determined to make it to her beloved pup. The chocolate lab licks her lips in anticipation, eager for the arrival of her little human friend. Giggles and coos come from the excited baby as she inches closer to her pet.

Happy attempts result in belly flops, each successively nearer to the destination. The dog steadily holds the baby’s gaze as the distance between them slowly shortens.Hands, knees and tenacity keep the baby moving and as she closes in on the finish line, her task becomes serious and her focus even stronger.

Once the baby is in reaching distance, the lab can’t wait any longer and straightens her legs to welcome the little treasure with a big wet kiss. Nose to nose, the two best friends share a moment of mutual appreciation and pride.

This precious event is graciously captured for us all to see. It takes a very well behaved dog to allow for, and participate in, such antics. Even the best pets will often get protective when little creatures approach them.

It can take a long time for an animal to accept a new family member, and even longer for the pet to truly love them instead of just tolerating them. It seems that this family has been gifted with two peas in a pod and their relationship has only just begun. This is a heartwarming interaction to witness and will be cherished by the family forever.

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