What Color is Your Aura?

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Your aura is the subtly pervasive atmosphere created by and emanating from your body which is visible to some by color. This field of luminous radiation has been associated with a variety of personality traits, depending on the colors of the layers. It can be read like a map of a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states. This means that your aura is in constant flux, depending on your well being, and can be made up of several colors at once.

The existence of an electromagnetic energy field around every object in the world is a scientifically proven fact, but there is debate whether the cascading outlines can be seen by the human eye or not. Because devices that should be able to measure these alleged fields have recorded nothing, the claim to be able to see them is often considered paranormal. However, there is a rare form of photography, called Kirlian photography, which has been said to document the auras.

The colors around a person can extend out far, or only be very close to the body. The latter occurs when a person is guarding themselves from someone or something. When two people have been intimate with each other, their auras will be in contact with one another and share common colors.

These fields are best seen in full daylight and with relaxed eyes. When first attempting to visually perceive an aura, it is likely you will be able to see a field but no color. With more practice, the colors will begin to reveal themselves.

What color is your aura? let us know!

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