What Is Your Strongest Brain Power?

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A word cloud is a mash up of a variety of related words that are presented jumbled close together in different size and colored fonts. They are excellent indicators of how a person uses their brain and how they they think, and thus can reveal what someones greatest mental strength is.

When a person is given such a cloud, and is asked to describe all the similar words in just one word, how they perceive and narrow them all down is very revealing about what’s going on inside their head. The thousands of conscious and unconscious, minute calculations, thoughts, feelings, and reactions that are speeding through the mind and brain all lead to one choice and final decision.

The culmination of a series of choices can be used to figure out what type of mental strength the person making them has. All of this centers around the human brain. There are two sides to every brain; the left side and the right side. Each one is associated with different abilities, strengths, weaknesses, ways of thinking, and other similar types of attributes. The following is a general breakdown of the characteristic that each side is connected with:

Left-brain dominant people are said to be more analytical, objective, and logical thinkers. They’re good at solving math and similar types of logic-oriented problems, which often leads to them quickly learning and excelling at new things. They like to delve deep into scientific pursuits and plan things out in advance, making to-do lists and checking up on their progress as they go.

In comparison, right-brain dominant people are more creative and expressive thinkers. They have strong imaginations and approach problems or issues with different, alternative types of solutions. They tend to be more spontaneous and emotional and often act on their feelings and intuition. Since they are more expressive they excel at artistic pursuits like painting and music.

People often self identify as either a left-brain thinker or a right-brain thinker, depending on which side they match up more with, in terms of the traits they believe they exhibit. Yet how your brain is truly wired can better be determined through less biased means.

This cognitive psychology word/visual association test can quickly reveal what your strongest brain power is, as well as what your dominant brain side is. The results are spot on and may surprise you. Try it out now by pressing the “Let’s Play!” button and remember to pass it onto your friends and family so y’all can compare results. As always, have fun and enjoy!

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