Only 1 In 15 Real Cat Lovers Can Recognize All Of These Cat Breeds. Can You?

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Every breed of cat has its own unique set of defining looks and characteristics that set it apart from the others. Practically all of the felines which are classified under a specific breed have or exhibit some combination of these distinct traits. These days many of the domestic kitties you see are a mix of several different types of breeds, but you can usually guess which ones they are or may be.

In some of these mixed breeds their lineage makes itself clearly known, whether it shows through their markings, coloring, and physical attributes or by their temperament. In addition, certain breeds of felines have become renowned for their personalities and abilities.

One example is Maine Coon cats who are fondly referred to as “gentle giants.” They earned their nickname for being large, friendly, easy going cats, but they’re also renowned for their hunting skills. Another type of cat that most people are familiar with is Siamese cats. They are among the oldest and most ancient of the Asian feline breeds and became hugely popular throughout the 1900’s.

One adorably distinct domestic breed of cat, that you can’t help but love, is the lop-eared looking Scottish Fold. They sport the “folded” ears that bend forwards and down, which is caused by “a natural dominant-gene mutation that affects cartilage throughout the body”(Wiki). The lists and associations between breeds and their personalities and appearances is inexhaustible, since new combinations of breeds seem to appear every year!

For all of the breeds mentioned above, it’s likely that a mental picture of each popped into your head. While we all have different levels of knowledge when it comes to cats and identifying breeds, most of us know at least a few or our favorite type, or perhaps you’re well-versed in all things feline and know each breed like the back of your hand.

Whatever your level of knowledge about cats may be, put it to the test and see if you can recognize all of the cat breeds below. Some of these are kind of easy but there are definitely a few which are very challenging and not so well known. Good luck and enjoy!

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