THIS Little Puppy Tries To Howl For The First Time! But What Comes Out Is An UNEXPECTED Surprise!

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Chances are you don’t remember learning how to talk.  Most people’s memories of such a young age are cloudy or non-existent.  The experience would likely be lost forever which is why so many parents record their children’s first attempts at saying words.

The same is often done by pet owners with very young animals who are learning to meow or bark for the first time, like the family who captured this adorable home video.  As you can see, the boy is teaching his malamute husky named Bella how to howl. The tiny puppy has barely opened its eyes and is just 20 days old at this point, but she’s already making strides towards her first howl.  The sounds she makes are so cute and adorable, it’s impossible to not smile when hearing her squeaky little voice!

The best part about this, besides Bella’s obvious loveableness, is the boy teaching her.  He is so gentle and sweet and handles her with such care and tenderness. With an owner like that, Bella will grow up to be a wonderful, loyal, and loving family dog.  

Just in case anyone is wondering, Bella was not taken away from her mother, she’s the family pet of the people who filmed this.  No animal should ever be separated for long from their mother at such a young age as they are still dependent on them for milk, love, and vital care.  

While it certainly can be a struggle to learn something new, with a little practice, patience, and guidance, most eventually pick up whatever it is they’re trying to do.  Once Bella gets the hang of it, she’ll be howling at the moon alongside her mother in no time!

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