Can You Pass The Creative Test?

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Remember the days when you would play pretend for hours on end. It was so easy and natural to play house with your friends and build forts which seemed like castles in your minds. When friends chased you around it was like you were running for your life and if you got caught you would be trapped forever on the dark side, which was in the shade under the tree at recess. At least that was how you imagined your game of chase to be, and it was some of the best times ever.

When we are young it’s easy to be creative and to dream up fanciful worlds filled with dramatic adventure and thoughtful touches. As the years add up, we become less and less inclined to so easily and effortlessly imagine things. Instead, we start day dreaming and fantasizing about what could be or should be. Our imaginations turn towards things that we desire, and are much more calculated and precise than those of our childhood past.

How imaginative are you at this point in your life? Take the test to find out and see whether or not you can pass it! Good luck, have fun, and enjoy!

Did you pass?

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