Rare Lunar Eclipse During Pisces: Prepare For a Huge Energy Shift On September 16-17, 2016

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Mid-September always seems to bring with it a number of different changes. Summer is winding down, kids are back in school, the weather starts to get crisp and cool, leaving the feeling of fall in the air. This year all of these September changes will be accompanied by a lunar eclipse which is set to take place on this coming Friday the 16th!

The full moon eclipse will bring about a number of changes and right along with it a major energy shift will also be occurring. While many of us may miss the actual eclipse or be unable to clearly view it, we will nevertheless end up feeling its impact and effects. That’s because this particular lunar event falls in the emotional, complex sign of Pisces. As such, it means the timing is ideal for centering in on your creativeness and spirituality during this full moon.

This full moon is officially named the Harvest Moon and lunar eclipses always, and only, take place when the moon is at its fullest. On the evening of September 16-17th the sun, moon, and Earth will all become evenly aligned and the moon will then pass behind our planet. That’s where it will enter into the Earth’s shadow and the light from the sun will be blocked from reaching it.

Each of us will experience this eclipse in our own unique and individual way on both our conscious and subconscious planes of existence. It may be eye-opening and monumental for some, or slight yet noticeable for others. Below are some of the more significant ways in which this Harvest Moon lunar eclipse may end up affecting you:

Things will come to an end or be completed. This sense of finality can appear in essentially any area of our lives. Perhaps it will manifest as a relationship that’s burned itself out or you’ll finally finish a project you’ve been working long and hard on. Either way, it will be over and done with. Say goodbye and move on to whatever is next on your plate.

The truth will be highlighted for many people, especially in terms of relationships. If there is something that has been kept from you, or you’ve been unable to see it, soon enough it will come to light. When the truth finally does come, don’t ignore or brush it off, face it head on and get past it.

Some of us will finally be able to let go of any pent up anger or rage that we have been holding inside ourselves for so long. As such, we may be very emotional and our judgment may be clouded, but once we release the aggression we can breathe a sigh of relief and think clearly once again.

Some of us will experience a heightened sense of creativity and expressiveness. Use this renewed interest in the arts as an outlet for any of the aforementioned anger or frustration that you may be harboring. Write, sing, draw, or paint out your emotions rather than unleashing them on others. That way you won’t cause anyone unnecessary hurt or burn any bridges.

Many of us will find balance and a renewed sense of ourselves. As shown throughout what was mentioned above, we will dealing with a lot of heavy stuff that’s been weighing us down. When we’re finally free of it we will have grown and become all the more wiser for having experienced it in the first place. Look inwards and determine both what you want and what you stand for, then focus on the answers that only you can provide yourself with!

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