A Simple Video Tutorial On How To Crochet The Moss Stitch

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The official start of fall is now less than two weeks away and from there on out winter is a short ways off. For many people that means having to deal with all things chilly, cold, and drafty. It doesn’t help that there’s many areas in our houses where heat can escape, everything from doorways and windows to attics and floors are places that can leak a lot of hot air. The easiest way to stay warm and keep the cold out is to wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket. Nice, thick, quality made throws are usually quite pricey and if you need several of them they’ll end up costing you a lot.

Instead of searching all over for a blanket that fits your budget and style, try making one that’s affordable and exactly what you want. It’s not as hard or impossible as you may think to crochet a nice blanket together. With this tutorial from the Make & Do Crew YouTube channel you can create a beautiful, thick, durable crochet blanket that will keep you warm on all those upcoming chilly nights!

The type of crotchet stitch shown in the video is called the moss stitch. If you are familiar with the seed stitch then you’ll quickly pick up on it because it’s basically an extended version of that particular stitch. If you are new to crocheting, don’t worry because the accompanying video tutorial will show you exactly how to get down the moss stitch. This is one of those things where it’s easier to learn by a visual guide that shows you exactly what to do every step of the way. The video guides you through it and goes over some very fundamental knitting skills. The pace is slow enough so that you can better see exactly what to do, and that makes it very easy to follow and replicate. With a little practice you’ll be doing it perfectly in no time at all.

Before you can start all that you’ll need are crochet needles and some yarn. Once you’ve gathered those supplies simply work along to the video. The moss stitch is great for beginners and the way it’s shown in the clip makes it especially durable. You’ll end up creating a piece with beautiful, neat, even shaped edges that will stand up to repeated use and washing. Also, it turns out looking awesome whether you use one uniform color or a bunch of different ones, so if you have lots of random leftover yarn, use them up with this stitch!

In the end, you’ll end up making a beautiful blanket, a scarf, or a pair of socks that will last a lifetime and keep your toes warm all winter long. Check it out and give it a try!

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