Raven Strangely Squawked At Them For 60 Minutes. Finally They Figured Out He Was Desperate For Help

Ravens are often overlooked and dismissed by many people for being noisy, annoying, pesky birds. They really don’t get the credit they truly deserve for being one of the most intelligent animals out there. In fact, they rank among the smartest animals in all of nature and are considered just as smart as our closest animal relative, chimpanzees.

Research backs this up, ravens have been scientifically tested and scored highly on intelligence tests where they even topped the avian IQ scale! Ravens have also been observed using various objects as tools. That type of calculated behavior is something associated only with intelligent animals, like the raven in this heart warming video!

The story behind what you see here all started when a woman from Nova Scotia heard a loud racket outside her home. Gertie Cleary couldn’t help but notice who was making the noise, a black raven fledgling was perched on the fence relentlessly screeching. She tried to ignore it but when the squawking didn’t subside she went out to take an up-close look at the bird.

With her daughter by her side, the pair slowly approached the distressed raven. Once they were close they saw what bothering it, the poor bird had porcupine quills stuck in his little body, three in the side of his face and one in his wing. If he was going to survive the quills had to be removed.

Gertie went back to the house, put on some gloves for protection, and headed back out to the raven. Slowly she began to earn his trust until she was able to softly stoke his feathers. Soon after she made her move and quickly pulled a quill out of the bird. Seconds later she pulled another one which caused the raven to caw out in pain. Even so, the bird remained on the fence and didn’t threaten her, it seemed to sense she was helping and meant it no harm. The last quill was the hardest, by that point the bird likely had enough, but with a bit more coaxing Gertie was able to quickly remove it.

The poor raven’s painful experience was over, he was free to fly away without being hindered by the sharp barbs poking into his body, yet he stuck around for the remainder of the day. Gertie and her daughter ended up naming him Wilfred but the next day he was gone.

The incredibly quick witted bird seemed to know exactly where to turn to for help and thankfully Gertie recognized his situation and took the time to remove the quills.

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