Remember When These Famous Septuplets Were Born! Look What Happened To The Babies 20 Years Later!

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Many people don’t realize how tricky it can be to successfully get pregnant and deliver a healthy baby. The process is challenging and rife with risks. Since many struggle even with conception, there are methods available to help with fertilization. Bobby McAfee was on one such treatment.

Bobby and Kenny McAfee had always wanted a baby. The couple had struggled with contraception for a while so they decided it would be best for Bobby to use a fertility treatment. She knew that the treatment made the chances of twins bigger so they mentally prepared themselves. However, when they went to the next check-in, the doctor shocked them with some even crazier news.

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Bobby was carrying 7 fetuses. This was a huge deal. Septuplets are extremely rare as well as incredibly risky to deliver. The doctors informed them that one option they could choose to pursue was a selective reduction. They could reduce the number of fetuses to maximize the chances for survival for the remaining fetuses. The couple chose not to pursue this option.

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Bobby successfully delivered 7 healthy babies. They took them home to raise them. 20 years later, their kids are thriving. Kenny runs a carpentry business, Brandon is in the army, and Alexis is pursuing a career in early childhood education. The other 4 are still in college.

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