Right When This Lion’s Mouth Opened Something Hysterically Unexpected Happened!

Sometimes the simplest most basic humor is the funniest.  For those who write intricate, double entendre comedy skits or stand-up, something as simple as what happens in this video that can’t help but make you laugh, might be insulting. There is nothing like the good ol’ classics that are just by nature funny. The following video is a perfect example of historical tried and true comedy. No matter what year it is, this type of comedy for some reason will always be funny!

On paper, this might not sound so funny, but as you watch the laughter dubbed into this lion’s facial expressions, you just won’t be able to control your own laughter, no matter how silly you may be thinking this is. I was having a really bad day, somebody sent me this video and for no reason at all I couldn’t stop laughing. This one will definitely bring a little sunshine into your day if it’s been a lil gloomy and cloudy.

This video is testimony to the fact that a great laugh is just simply contagious!  Whether it’s clever or not, listening to someone cracking up and superimposed onto this video of a lion from National Geographic will start your day with the best medicine of all…uncontrolled laughter! Get ready for nature at her finest being naturally funny in the wild!  Let us know what you think!

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