She Mixes Melted Chocolate And Condensed Milk To Make Mouthwatering Surprise. YUM!

Here’s a DIY for fudge lovers!  If you think you have to go buy fudge to get a high quality product, you are happily wrong.  Gemma Stafford shows you how incredibly simple and fun it is to make yourself.  It can even be done in a microwave.

Gemma’s video from YouTube will make your mouth water.  She bring you 3 fudge recipes that not only look good but taste incredible.  Being a fudge lover myself, I decided to try these recipes, and can vouch for both the ease of making them and the delicious results.

The 3 types of fudge in this delightful video are: cookies and cream, red velvet and s’mores. I hope you get to enjoy both the process of making these and the results which my family thought were professional.

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