What Is Your Sixth Sense?

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Generally speaking, humans have 5 basic senses which include sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. However, if we get more specific then we touch on the extraordinary senses that are lesser known. While there is no consensus as to how many there actually are among researchers and those who study this, they do all agree on one thing.

They agree that there are many other senses that we may possess and use every single day without even realizing. A few examples of these extraordinary senses include the following; thirst, hunger, pain, time (our startlingly accurate sense of it), synesthesia or perceiving sound as a color, pressure, itch, and thermoception which is the ability to sense heat and cold.

Those a just a sampling and many more are thought to exist beyond these more typical, common, and well known senses. Take this quiz if you wish to figure out, and hone in on, what extraordinary sense you may possess.

The result you receive as to what 6th sense you likely have may even surprise you!

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