They Sing This Horse ‘Happy Birthday’ and Bring Him A Cake. His Response Is Hilarious!

Meet J.D. the horse who is known around the stable as “Southside.” J.D. is about to celebrity his 4th birthday in style.  J.D. is about to celebrate a birthday his humans will most likely never ever forget. They bring J.D. into the room and his humans bring him out a cake begin singing happy birthday to J.D. the horse. Then thinks take the most pleasant and unexpected turn.

As they are singing his birthday song he surprises everyone in the place by blowing leaning in and actually blowing out all the candles.  Everyone starts hysterically laughing. Then to top it off J.D. gives everyone the biggest smile ever!

Animals never cease to amaze me.  His reaction is so human its crazy.  Horses really are such intelligent animals. J.D.  gave his humans a moment they will never forget.  This amazing moment was caught on camera at the Tolleshunt Horse Farm in New Jersey earlier this week. Have you ever seen a horse do anything like this?

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