This Smart Pup Refuses To Eat Treats From Only One Person In The Whole World For A Hysterical Reason

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Any dog owner knows that practically every dog alive cannot resist a tasty treat. Bones, jerky, and biscuits are basically canine candy and dogs will hungrily scarf the yummy snacks right on up.

However, there are a few things that stand in the way between a dog and his treats. One such thing happens to be the person who is giving them the treat, and in this case, the person whom the dog thinks is handing them out!

When the Australian Shepherd is offered a treat that his owner says is from mommy, grandpa, grandma, and even Uncle Troy, he readily accepts them. That all changes when he is told that the treat is from the dog catcher. When he hears that, the smart dog absolutely refuses to eat, sniff, or make an attempt to accept the treat. While it’s unclear as to why, he apparently really despises the dog catcher and won’t fall for any tricks or treats from anyone linked to the job or name. His trust and loyalty lies solely within his family and that’s his bottom line!

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