She Starts Calling Man Fat While He’s On Line At McDonald’s. She Proceeds To Get Some Instant Karma.

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Fat shaming is as disgraceful and cruel as it sounds. It’s when overweight people are harassed and criticized about their eating habits or weight by others who are trying to make them feel ashamed of themselves. Basically, it’s bullying someone because you think they are fat, and it’s wrong.

Many people who fat shame think that they are doing the obese a favor and that their criticism will somehow motivate people to lose weight, eat less, and get healthier. Others are just cruel, mean trolls who say rude things because they can. Regardless of the type or intention, people who fat shame are bullies and they are causing overweight people to not only feel horrible about themselves, but to suffer psychological harm as well. Just imagine how you would feel if you were on the receiving end of a public dress down like the poor guy in this video.

The clip starts off with a group of women standing in line at McDonald’s. They had started making rude comments about how they thought fat people shouldn’t be in there when they turned to the larger man next to them. The women started harassing the poor customer, saying things like “Leave now, do yourself a favor” and “You should stop eating!” They continued to verbally attack the poor guy until finally another man steps in to his defense. He asks the group of rude women “what are you doing?” but they just drone on spouting off offensive and hurtful things.

Rather than stand there and take it any longer, the second man decided to cool things down a bit by pouring a cup of water over the head of one of the aggressive women! As he dumped it on her he basically told her that it was an instant dose of karma being delivered for her “disrespect,” and the crowd went wild! Fellow customers looking on laughed, gasped, and cheered in delight. They’d had enough of all the belittling, fat shaming, and blatant rudeness being displayed by the women. After all, they went to McDonald’s for a quick bite to eat and probably just wanted to order their tasty food and be on their way.

After this video came out, the reaction online was immediately split as to whether it was real or fake. It seemed somewhat staged but no one could tell or know for certain if it was. As it turns out, the video was a set-up, made by a prank YouTube station called Trollstation. And while the video may seem cruel and unusual, it’s brought some much needed light and attention to a situation that for many people is all too real.

In the end, there’s just no need for any extra and unnecessary hate in the world. If someone has nothing nice to say, then they should keep their mouths shut, plain and simple. Life is too short to be miserable, live it for you and only you, not some random judgmental jerks on the internet or the streets.

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