He Was Tearing Down and Redoing His Kitchen Ceiling. Then He Found THIS Strange Hidden Purse!

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Today’s amazing story is about a 33 year old guy named Bobby and his 31 year old wife Megan. The couple is from Florida and they decided to help out his mom by redoing and renovating different parts of her home! Before they began their fixer-upper project they took pictures so they had baseline photos of what the house looked like before they touched it.

Then they began to get to work, slowly removing different parts of the kitchen till they got to an awkward looking soffit. This was one of the obtrusive parts of the ceiling they really wanted to get rid of. Bobby began to pry it open to begin excavation and removal of the soffit.

He grabbed a saw, then switched over to a crowbar and slowly began to pry and lever it using the classic laws of physics. Inside the area he had just excavated laid a few strange objects which really seemed completely out of place. He was trying to work around these objects when one of the object dropped from the ceiling and landed on his head!

The object that fell and hit him was a vintage and original 1940-1950’s alligator purse which was made in non other than Cuba! Bobby and Megan although thought the person happened to be particularly ugly, they discovered a stamp with clearly said that this was in face real.

Then another treasure fell from the ceiling. It was an old wedding album most likely from the 1960’s. The strange mystery was why would anyone ever leave their wedding album in the ceiling and desert it? The album was really not only nostalgic but it looked liked a particularly beautiful wedding. The couple looked great and the venue seem magical.

They decided they wanted to the find the couple whose marriage wedding album it was. They didn’t care how long it would take or what kind of effort or time it would take. They were on a mission to find this couple who most likely would love to have these memories back!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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