I Never Thought I Was Colorblind. Then After I Took This Test It Said I Was! Now It’s Your Turn!

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It’s fun taking this online test for color blindness. Don’t worry if you have trouble seeing the imbedded numbers in the following video, because it may have to do with the lighting on your computer. In any case, inability to make out differences in color is not actually a form of blindness, even though it is called color blindness.

Rather, it is a deficiency in discriminating between certain colors; red and green, and blue and yellow. There is a genetic component to color blindness, but it can also result from certain drugs, toxins and eye diseases. (reference, arlingtoneyes.com)

Color blindness is easy to detect with these imbedded numbers in colored dots, or with shapes for young children.  It is not inconsequential to know if you are colorblind. For children, in particular, it can inhibit learning if certain lessons aren’t tailored for the deficiency. For adults, who have made certain career choices where not being able to differentiate color impacts their job duties, not knowing you have color blindness might be dangerous.

The following video offers what is called the Ishihara color test. Go ahead and try it out. If you have trouble discerning the embedded numbers, it might be worthwhile seeing an ophthalmologist, but again no reason to worry. Let us know how you do.

Did the test say you are colorblind? Let us know!

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