Rare Full Blue Moon: Prepare For a Huge Energy Shift On May 18-19 2019

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The May Full Blue Moon will illuminate the night sky during May 18-19, 2019! This moon is a strange one because it is the exception to the usual “Blue Moon” rule which states a Blue Moon is the second full moon in a single month. However, this Blue Moon is the one strange exception.

The reason the May Full Moon is considered a Blue Moon is because it’s the third full moon out of four in a single season. For the most part each season of the year usually only has three full moons. This season we get our fourth and final full moon on June 17, 2019 the Full Strawberry Moon!

There will be a variety of interesting changes taking place and all of us will be affected by them in one way or another. While you could just go with the flow, you can also harness the full moon’s power and use the vibrational shift to your advantage to help bring about some positive changes in your life and current routine.

Full moons represent a peak and they’ve always been associated with a sense of heightened energy and excitement. Many weird and inexplicable things tend to either coincide with them or happen around the same time as well. People and animals suddenly act strange, even crazy, when the moon is full.

In fact, the term ‘lunacy’ stems from the craziness that accompanies a full moon because it refers to periodic instances of insanity. Hundreds of years ago it was widely observed that the full moon lunar phase affected people’s behavior and minds, making them act temporarily like lunatics!

While full moon madness has yet to be scientifically proven real, the full moon shift has been astrologically established since ancient times. This rare May Full Blue Moon is in Scorpio, which means it will bring about a very active, expressive, and potentially self-centered and egoistic type of energy. The different sides of personality that Scorpio represents will also be brought to the forefront and this will spark a burst of energy and change.

By embracing and taking control of the energy shift, you can benefit from its effects and make some positive life changes. Scorpios are known for a number of strong qualities and by tapping into them you can get the most of out of this May’s Full Blue Moon! Below is a rundown of the top things you should aim to do and focus on:

Communicate: All areas of communication will be highlighted in the days leading up to and following the full moon. Now is the time to get stuff off your chest or finally have that conversation you’ve been putting off. Perhaps you simply need to catch up with old friends and family members, if so then now is the ideal time to reach out. Whatever the case may be, with the moon in Scorpio your social and communication skills will be extra sharp and spot on.

Express Yourself: Not all communication is verbal. Instead of words, let your actions, style, and behavior do the talking for you! Just whatever you do, don’t take it too far or be too bold and aggressive. Sometimes the slightest, most subtle hint can make the strongest impact. If you want to effect a lasting difference, read the scene or situation before making a move.

Don’t Go To The Dark Side: Stay positive and mindful of your attitude and strive to maintain personal balance. Scorpios sometimes have a tendency to develop a dual nature. Make it a goal to be as fair, honest, and consistent as can be, and you’ll be golden during this rare Full Blue Moon in May.

Be Mindful: Not only about what you do, but also about what you say. Since communication is being highlighted during this May Full Blue Moon, you’re likely going to be engaged in lots of conversations and sometimes those can lead down an ugly path.

Try to avoid getting into arguments or fights and try not to gossip because even if you don’t mean to be rude or mean, you may come off that way. And remember, karma is a real thing so always treat others with respect, even if they talk down to you. In the end, you’ll be the better person for it.

There you have it! This May Full Blue Moon will bring out the best side and possibly the worst sides that Scorpios have to offer. If you’re able to connect with the surrounding energy and tap into it then all of the curious, positive, social aspects of the sign will shine forth. So relax and go with the flow! Enjoy!

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