He Thought His Hen Was Acting Strange With Her Eggs. But Wait Till You See Whats Hiding Under Her.

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It seemed like just another average day for one farmer as he made the rounds feeding and taking care of his animals. Little did he know how out of the norm it was about to be as went out to collect all of the eggs the chickens had laid. As he approached the small wooden hen house that kept his chickens safe and secure at night he noticed there was one lone hen still roosting in the corner of the coop.

The little bird was acting a bit strange, she would not move and was making some unusual noises. When the farmer gently picked her up to check her out, the reason for her odd behavior became immediately clear. Underneath the hen was a newborn baby kitten nestled up and sleeping soundly in a soft pile of straw and feathers!

The tiny calico kitten looked like it was just a few days old as its eyes had not yet opened. The poor baby must have been abandoned by its mother before the hen stepped in and took it in under her wings. By the time the farmer came around it seems like the hen had well and truly adopted the little ball of fur and was keeping the kitty safe and warm, as if it were her own baby chick. After the farmer moved the hen she immediately became nervous and anxious, all she wanted to do was get back to roosting atop her new baby and so the man stepped aside and let her do her thing. The kitten instinctively crawled back to the warn space underneath her and for the time being that was the best spot for all of them.

Many people have expressed concern for the little kitty and want to know if it survived after viewing this clip. A kitten that young needs to drink either its mother’s milk or a special formula every couple of hours or so, and while the hen kept it warm and safe, either another cat or a human needs to step in and help feed and care for it properly. There were no updates provided by the original poster and it’s not clear from the video, but one can assume the farmer did end up taking care of the kitten. That’s because it’s second nature for a farmer to bottle feed many different animals around the clock, especially newborns or sick ones, and to keep a close eye on all of them.

In addition, this cute little kitten will grow up to be a real asset for the farm. Not only will all of the hens and other animals be used to its presence, it will love and protect them in turn. Plus, the kitty will hunt mice and other dirty vermin, helping to keep the barn clean and food stocks safe. In the end, it’s in the farmer’s best interests to step in and help care for the kitten. Once this cat grows up it will return the favor to him ten-fold!

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