She Tricks This Parrot Into Eating Broccoli. But He Realizes and Throws The Most Hysterical Tantrum.

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There are many different types of pet people. They range from the most common dog and cat people to the lesser prevalent reptile and bird people, but all of them love and adore their furry, scaly,or feathered friends! The type of pet animals we choose to share our homes and hearts with can say a lot about our personalities. Dog owners tend to be more extroverted and friendly, cat people are often highly creative and dependable, and reptile owners are super independent.

While these traits likely come as no major surprise to most people, it’s bird owners in particular who blow away preconceived notions and expectations. Compared to the rest, they are the most expressive, social, and outgoing type of pet owner. Who knew?! However, once you watch this video you’ll understand why you have to be easy going and attentive when you live with a bird like the one seen here.

His name is Eric The Legend and it’s a moniker he lives up to because he has truly become a living legend! People absolutely adore the little nutcase. He earned the title thanks in part to his crazy antics and insane behavior. Eric is certainly one of the most energetic, out of control, and loudest cockatoos around, which is quite a feat since the parrot sub-species is well-known for being noisy birds.

In this hilarious clip Eric happens to be in the middle of throwing a major hissy fit. Why is he so upset? Because he’s eating broccoli and at the moment he hates it more than a two year old does. According to Eric’s owner, the veterinarian told her to include more of the green veggie in his diet. Since she wants to keep her baby boy healthy and strong, that’s exactly what she did, much to Eric’s disappointment.

While it clearly doesn’t seem like it, Eric actually doesn’t mind chowing down on broccoli. His owners even mention in the original video post’s comments that he usually enjoys it. Not on this occasion, instead of eating it he throws his food bowl off the table and down onto the floor. Maybe he got a little too carried away or excited, but he made quite a mess for mom to clean up.

Eric has more videos and all of them are funny so if you want to see more of the behavior that made him a legend, check them out. He lives with his mom and dad in Australia and throws pretty regular, and epic, temper tantrums. Other than throwing perfectly good food around, Eric also loves trying to get away with different naughty things. Whether he’s scaring the neighbor’s cat, cursing the local birds or the family dog, he’s always up to no good. He’s easily the most entertaining bird around and if you ever need to laugh or smile, watch him because his care-free attitude can brighten anyone’s day!

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