His 2 Sons Won’t Stop Texting At The Dinner Table. How He Finally Gets Their Attention Is BRILLIANT

Sitting down for a meal should be a social and interactive event for everyone gathered around the table.  Dinners are a time to catch up in our busy lives with family and friends and good conversation just seems to flow better over food and drinks.  For  years people have taken time in their lives, stopped what they were doing, and sat down to enjoy meals with others.

However, in recent times the dinner table dynamic has taken a drastic turn for the worse.  People now bring their phones to dinner, whip them out, and bury their heads in the devices.  They pay no attention to others and focus on the little glowing screen, oblivious to the world around them.  Texting at the table is rude and shows a lack of respect for your dining companions.  It’s that simple yet people still do it, like they’re addicts.

In this video, one father refuses to ignore his sons when they take out their phones at dinner.  He asks one to pass the salt and the boy, distracted and unaware, passes him pepper.  It’s now time for a lesson and dad thumps down his clunky old typewriter right on the table and starts smashing away at the keys.  The kids look up and stare at him like he’s gone mad and quickly begin to grow annoyed at the sight and sounds of their father’s behavior.

Finally, one asks what he is doing, and after getting no answer, the other son pipes up and repeats the question.  Which is when dad’s head comes up, with a crazy look in his eye, and he responds “sorry… must have been a little distracted!”  With that, the kids put their phones away and the lesson is finally driven home.

This sad scene plays out over and over again, of heads buried in phones across from non-distracted eaters who are forced to sit in silence and slowly become agitated.  Next time you are subjected to this rude behavior, say something, and don’t take your phone out at the table!

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