He Bust THIS Guilty Dog and Threatens To Tell Her Daddy. The Dog’s Reaction Is PRICELESS!

If ever there was a picture of regret, this is it. This dog got caught red handed, and he knew it. When the video began, I thought it was just another dog shaming video, but what the dog did next had me laughing hysterically.

After going through the normal guilt and shame sequences, the apologetic pup began to use more advanced techniques. He slithered over to his human friend who was communicating with him about what might happen when the dog’s dad gets home.

After he failed to win his forgiveness with some gentle nuzzles, he pulls out the big guns. Flipping over and exposing his tender underbelly, he goes for the classic upside down and backwards lick of the lower face. Even this doesn’t work, but he does not give up. Repeating the motions, he tries and tries again to bribe him into giving forgiveness, but to no avail. At the end, all he can do is sadly wait until his dad gets home.

It is amazing how well these two beings are able to communicate in just this short span of time. The dog is able to understand every word and inflection of his voice, reacting in time with the subtle nuances of the human language and voice. Each day we interact and communicate with our wonderful pets, and they give us unconditional love whenever we are around them, and they certainly think of us when we are gone.

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