VIDEO: This Guy Tells You To Stare At The Dot But The Something Very Strange Happens!

People often mistakenly think that what they see, or are viewing, is a direct representation of reality. What we are seeing is actually a translation of our external realities that has been formed by our eyes and mind. We see objects because they reflect light, which goes into our eyes where it’s focused and sent to the brain via the optic nerve.

The brain takes the information it receives from the eyes and translates it into the images which we are “seeing.” When you trick your eyes, you trick your brain, and that is a short way to explain the complex science behind some optical illusions. This video will give you a chance to do exactly that; try out an optical illusion, and see if it tricks your eyes!

Turn up the computer screen brightness and prepare your mind, body, soul, and especially your eyes, for an optical illusion experience. Fear not, there are no flashing strobe-like lights, sudden loud sounds, or scary images in this video. All you need to do is stare at the dark dot on the screen, which the man places on his nose.

Do your best to not move your head, eyes, or overall position, and this only lasts a few moments so it’s easy. Be sure to keep your eyes steadily focused on the black dot. After a short bit the video will turn from the odd color that it’s in to black and white.

Once the video changes over to black and white you should continue seeing it in full color for a few seconds. Then the colors will quickly fade and you’ll see it for what it is; in black and white shades. The black dot you were staring at is now white, did you pick up on that? The eye trick is achieved by over-saturating your eyeballs with certain colors, hence the strange background hues. When you expose your eyes for some time to certain colors your eyes will adapt to those colors.

When the picture switched over to black and white, your eyes were still perceiving the colored image and couldn’t immediately switch over, or adapt, to the new image. It takes a few moments for the brain to process the sudden changes and signals that the rods and cones in the eyes are sending it’s way.

This illusion is really neat and hopefully you had fun trying this! Check out videos like this and more at magician, author, and psychologist Richard Wiseman’s YouTube channel, Quirkology.

There are all sorts of mind bending and magical things that you can learn from him!

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