This Guy Calls Her Fat At The Buffet. But How The Other People React Is Unexpectedly Epic!

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There are all shapes and sizes of people in this world and not one type is better than another. We are all just humans living our lives however we choose to and no person has any right to judge another based on their habits or preferences. There are people who are very health conscious and work hard to stay in shape by exercising and eating well, and while some people make their health a lesser priority, neither is superior.

People can be overweight or slim for various reasons. Genetic make-up in combination with lifestyle habits are what determine how a person’s body is built. Just because someone is skinny, does not mean that they are healthy and vice versa. There are plenty of thin people who eat terrible food and stay little because of their metabolisms. Likewise, there are a lot of overweight people who eat nutritious, whole foods but retain their weight due to slower systems of their body.

This video clip from the show What Would You Do proves that most people are advocates for freedom of choice. Several of the customers present for the taunting of overweight females at a buffet style restaurant stood up for the harmless women when they were insulted regarding their size and eating habits.

The prevailing opinion was that the women are welcome to eat however they like and that the number of times they fill their plate is no one else’s business.

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