She Got Her Mother To Help Her Pop THIS Giant 6 Year Old Pimple. The Results Are Oddly Satisfying!

Pimples are one of life’s little annoyances. They pop up out of nowhere and often it’s at the worst time possible. They make people feel self-conscious and sometimes they even can be quite painful. What they are is excess oil, dirt, dead skin cells, bacteria, and other pollutants that get trapped in our pores!

Just one of the ugly suckers can ruin your day and there is little you can do to avoid getting them at some point in your life. A recently uploaded video on YouTube shows the case of a young girl who had a pimple pop up on her ear when she was just 2 years old. Doctor’s misidentified the lump, located on the front of her ear, as a growth and nothing was ever done to treat it.

Six years later, the girl decided to finally pop the nasty pustule and the moment was recorded for everyone to witness, and get grossed out over. As she starts to squeeze the lump it begins to slowly ooze out a string of pus. The nauseating stream seems to be never-ending as it just keeps coiling out of her ear.

The girl’s mother can be heard saying “I’ve never seen anything like this” and I think it’s safe to say that we can all agree with that sentiment. The scene goes on for 6 minutes, but I bet few can stomach that long. This girl’s experience is, thankfully, very uncommon. Usually zits do not grow for years at a time and they tend to disappear after awhile.

Regular face washing and practicing good hygiene helps diminish the likelihood of zits appearing on your skin, but there are so many other causes like stress, hormones, medication, and so on that factor in to whether or not they develop. Worst of all, pimples can leave behind scars or blemishes, especially if you choose to pop them.

It’s their way of marking you forever and a constant reminder of a less than pleasant experience.

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