This Guy Felt A Bite On His Arm But Didn’t Think Much Of It. He Went To Bed Woke Up and Saw THIS

At first, Alex Beer, a thirty two year old man from Kent, UK didn’t realize anything was wrong. Thinking it must have been due to an allergy, he brushed off worry and hoped it would get better, but the severity of the situation dawned on him as his arm quickly swelled, expanding at an alarming rate. Alex had been bitten by a false widow, the most infamous spider in all of Britain, and as you will soon see for yourself, his condition worsened to the point that he rushed to the hospital.

Upon arrival, it was discovered that his kidneys were rapidly failing and without prompt medical intervention the results would be grim. Fortunately for him, he was able to make it in time, and the skilled medical professionals were able to save not only his arm, but also his life! He had to stay in the hospital for nearly two weeks to bring his kidneys back to nominal function, and the damage to his arm was extensive, but with careful intervention they were able to help him on to the road to recovery.

For Alex, that road is not yet complete, but it seems he is through the worst of it. During his stay in the hospital, he underwent multiple rounds of intravenous antibiotics and saline. He did not know when he had been bitten and has no knowledge of the bite, but the presentation of his symptoms make the False Widow the likely culprit.

There are very few spiders in the world whose venom carries any threat for humans, but it would be wise to calmly look up which species of venomous spiders live in your area so that you are able to quickly identify them and stay out of their way until they can be safely moved to a new location. If you do not corner them or threaten them in any way they are unlikely to bother you, and the non venomous spiders are very helpful, it is not nice to hurt them.

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