She Wraps A Shirt Around Her Wet Hair. When She Removes The Shirt It’s Unexpectedly STUNNING!

If you have curly hair then you know how much of a pain it can be when trying to style it into the perfect look. Fussing with curls too much makes them frizzy but there’s no other way to go about doing hair other than that.┬áTo combat the problem many people end up using lots of different products that weigh down hair and make it look bad.

Others blow dry, chemically straighten, or run hot irons through the curls in attempts to get hair under control. These can easily damage and ruin otherwise perfectly healthy hair and take a lot of time, patience, and money that could be better spent elsewhere.

There is hope for curly haired people everywhere in the form of plopping or plunking. It sounds funny but this technique can give you frizz free, bouncy, beautiful curls. It’s easy to master and only requires a tee shirt, no expensive gadgets or serums are necessary, and since it’s done overnight you’ll free up a lot of time in your morning routine yet still look great. This video will show you how to plop your hair. Check it out and try it tonight!

First shower and clean your hair, then towel dry it and add any styling product you prefer to use, but only smooth them onto hair from the ears down. Don’t put any product above your ears because that weighs down hair and overtime the products build up causing it to look bad and unhealthy.

Comb the product(s) evenly through your hair then lay out a large cotton t-shirt. Smooth it down on a flat surface in front of you, a bed works perfectly. Shake your hair out, then flip it in front of you and lower your head down onto the shirt carefully so that the curls don’t get crumpled or tangled.

Keep your head still and grab the bottom edge of the shirt, wrap it around towards the base of your neck, and hold it there in place. Now grab the top of the tee and pull the neckline part down to the base of your neck, pulling the sleeves to the side of your head.

Tie the sleeves in the front so that you end up creating a turban out of the shirt and tuck in the tails or any extra loose fabric so it stays in place. It may take a few tries to master the turban but eventually you’ll get it right and love what plopping does for your hair.

The t-shirt will protect your curls as you sleep on them overnight and all that’s left to do in the morning is to unwrap your hair. Your curls will be dry, bouncy, frizz free and while you may have to reshape a few with a curling iron, that’s it!

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