After You Watch This You Will Never Cut Watermelon The Same Way Again!

There are many ways to cut a watermelon and some are a lot less messy than others. One of the biggest obstacles you face when carving up a ripe melon is all the water in it. The pink, juicy balls of deliciousness are rightly named water melons because approximately 92% of the fruit is water!

According to, it was because of their naturally super-high water content that early explorers used to use watermelons as canteens. However, all that water can make a mess when a melon is cut open and the juices run out all over the place. Then the knife starts slipping on the tough rind and before you know it you almost sliced a finger off.

People often try to avoid this cutting hazard by slicing the watermelon in half length-wise. The resulting upturned bowl, half-shell type of shape retains all the juices, but it also leads to another hazard; instability. Trying to cut a rocking, unbalanced chunk of melon is hard to do, and it’s just as hazardous to your health as cutting a slippery one.

So when life hands you watermelons, what is the best way to cut them up safely and cleanly? For starters, you need an innovative and different approach because none of the existing methods that people use to carve them work all that well.

That’s the logic that designers followed at an Italian company called Genietti. They came up with a neat and easy to use stainless steel watermelon slicer that they named Angurello. The tool cuts evenly and cleanly through the juicy fruit with just a bit of pressure and minimum effort on your part.

There are no razor sharp blades to deal with and all the juices stay contained within the melon. Once you make the cuts, you don’t even have to dig them out. The tool also doubles as a pair of tongs so you can handily grab the slices out of shell and serve them right away.

No mess, no stress, no cut fingers, and a whole melon sliced up perfectly in just seconds. Sounds too good to be true, but it’s real. Check it out and see for yourself how neat and easy life can be.

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