These Are All The Ways Women’s Makeup Has Changed Throughout History: So Awesome To See The Transformations


It has become cliche to say that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  This video speaks to the role of makeup styles throughout time and across cultures, and how they reflect cultural conceptions of beauty. Watching the sped up transformations from natural beauty to the  cosmetic practices reflected in the cultures of Ancient Egypt, the Elizabethan Era and the modern age, has a magical quality.

The video raises the question of why standards of beauty are so variant over time and across cultures.  What makes a particular society view beauty so differently than another?  How is it possible that the uni-brow was so desired that it was often cosmetically faked, when today it is abhorrent to look at?

Conceptions of beauty and how cosmetics are used to create illusions that reflect these conceptionsis so variable. Check out this video to see the fascinating differences in human ideals of beauty.  It makes you wonder what will be next.  Will our societies views of how to highlight beauty today seem bizarre when we look back in the future?  It really makes you wonder about what’s ahead.

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