She Begins Hot Glueing Marbles To a Ball Made of Foam. But When She’s Done It’s STUNNING

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make your lawn or garden pop, then you have to check out these beautiful homemade gazing balls. They shimmer and sparkle when they catch the sunlight and add an extra-special touch to the landscape. They’re fun and easy to make, but the best part about them is that they’re super affordable and won’t cost you more than a few dollars. In comparison, store bought versions can be very pricey and the less expensive ones are usually dull, plain, cheaply made, and not too exciting to look at!

This craft project is also something that kids will enjoy making and it allows them to really get creative. You can make different sized balls in any color or combination and you can customize them to your exact standards. All you really need are Smoothfoam balls and flat glass marbles that most dollar stores carry in stock.

Craft extraordinaire Jennifer Priest, who runs her own blog named Hydrangea Hippo, shows us how to make them in the accompanying video. She conveniently included a list of all the supplies that she used and links to them as well. The materials you will need include Smoothfoam balls, flat glass marbles, a hot glue gun, acrylic paint, and a foam brush.

It’s important that you use Smoothfoam balls and not Styrofoam ones because Styrofoam will absorb all the paint you put on it and melts very easily. You’ll also want to use something that you can stick into the foam ball to hold on to, like a chopstick or long pin, that way you can paint the entire ball without making a mess and getting your hands all dirty.

Start out by painting the foam balls and then set them aside to dry. Once the paint has completely dried fire up your glue gun and apply a dab of glue to the smooth side of each marble. Stick them onto the ball smooth and glued side down and as close to one another as you can until the entire thing is coated in marbles.

Now you can place the ball in the garden, flower beds or pots, on a pedestal or stand, or wherever else you desire. They can be hung as well, just stick a small screw hook into the side and it’s ready to be strung up. The decorating uses for these go beyond lawn and garden and they make beautiful additions to party or wedding décor as well.

These gazing balls turned out looking anything but cheap and you’d never guess they were made with simple items from the dollar store. They would make a lovely and thoughtful Mother’s Day gift and with everything starting to really bloom, now is the time to make them!

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