Woman Finds Her Glasses Chewed To Pieces. When She Confronts Her Pup I Can’t Stop Smiling!

Dogs love to chew on all sorts of things. Some love nothing more than to get their mouths on a smelly old shoe, or a new shoe, or a shoe they dragged into the yard and found who knows where. Others prefer a tennis ball or chew toy. In fact, nothing is truly off limits when it comes to what a dog will gnaw on.

Chewing is a normal canine behavior. Puppies oftentimes chew to explore things or to ease pain caused by incoming teeth. Older dogs do it to clean their teeth and maintain jaw strength. It helps to relieve anxiety, fears and frustrations some dogs go through. For others it is a way to stave off boredom and keep busy.

One woman knows this all too well. A video uploaded to YouTube shows Stephanie Lynn confronting her dog, Rooney, over a pair of what used to be glasses. She holds them out in front of the camera and explains she thought she had misplaced them but on a hunch checked around and found them in the garden.

They had been eaten away at and completely destroyed. After calling her dogs over she asks who did it. One of them, Rooney, immediately acts suspicious and ducks his head while looking up at the camera to make sad puppy eyes. He knows he has been caught and called out for his misdeed.

To atone for his guilt Rooney walks over to his kennel and effectively puts himself in time out. He seems to know that this situation is best handled by removal of himself from it. Out of sight, out of mind. If he is tucked away where he feels safe then this whole mess shall just go away. His reaction is so adorable that even Stephanie seems likely to have forgiven him.

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