Woman Taught Her Miniature Pinscher To Fetch The Cat. The Results Are Hilarious!

image via – youtube.com

Dogs and cats have been nemesis since the beginning of time. Whether it’s the hyenas and lions in the jungle, wolves and mountain lions, or simply just your pet cat and pet dog, the feud and battle is always on. Personally I like both felines and canines however many people like to choose one side and disregard the other. Nonetheless, their interactions usually always bring internet viral gold!

In this hilarious video it appears that a woman in Russia has taught her dog to fetch the cat.  At first this might sound odd, but the dog seems to not have any time to sit and wait for the cat to come home, so he takes matters into his own hands.

It is widely agreed upon that dog’s are man’s best friend, and this video is proof that dogs will do just about anything to please their humans.  In the video the cat just doesn’t seem to want to come inside.  Clearly the outdoors is way more fun and interesting.  If it was up to the cat she would probably stay outside forever.  However, this choice is not the cats to make.  The woman says something in Russian and the dog picks the cat up over his back, like a book bag and carries the feline inside.

The translation of what the lady says is:
“Kss Kss (a common cat call in Russia that everyone uses) Carry her home, cmon, bring her home, cmon. Carry her. Cmon cmon home carry her home. Good boy. HOME! Carry her HOME!”

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