THIS Is The Strange and Unexpected Reason Why You Should Never Under Any Circumstances Say “108” To Siri!

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Technology is running rampant through our modern society. From smart phones, to smart cars, to smart tvs and even smart house houses, technology has surrounded us in every aspect of our lives. While it has made life easier in so many ways, it hasn’t come without a price. From a monetary standpoint, many of us have become so addicted to our technologies that we go out and by the new update every few months. It has also brought people from across the world so much closer to us, while pushing the people who are right around us further away. So many spend our days and nights looking down at our phones and tablets and not looiking into the eyes of our loved ones having real face to face human connections.

Now with all this being said, its hard to deny new technology is just totally awesome and so much fun. As much as we like to bash technology there is no denying that most of us truly love the new innovations. The key as with most things in life is balance between your relationship with your loved ones and your relationship with technology. Finding this perfect equilibrium is difficult but attainable and it is something most of us struggle with daily but can accomplish if we put the effort in.

In today’s story we are going to focus in on one technology most of us are very familiar with and if we haven’t used it directly more than likely we’ve heard of her. Her name is Siri and she is the iPhone’s artificial intelligence voice assistant technologies that makes using your phone so much easier. For instance, instead of having to text a friend with your big old fat fingers, you can now say Siri ‘Text Mike Hello How Are You?’ and like magic Siri will go ahead and do as you wish.

Siri will give you directions to anywhere in the world, play you any song ever made, find and read you any book, make and remind you of all your points and so on and so forth. Basically Siri can do almost anything your heart desires. However there are some things Siri can do that actually can be quite counterproductive and today’s video will go over this.

There are somethings that you should never ask or tell Siri to do. One of these statements you should absolutely never say to Siri is the number 108!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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