A Young Girl Gets In Between Six Pit Bulls and Their Food. Now Watch Their Reaction!

Pit bulls are often viewed by many as dangerous dogs who behave unpredictably. Over the years there has been an ongoing debate about whether or not they deserve this reputation and the saying “it’s the owner, not the breed” always comes up. People invoke this expression to defend the animals, claiming that it’s how owners treat the dogs and their environment that factor into whether or not they turn out to be viscous or sweet.

If a pit bull is treated well and trained properly then the dog will act in line with how it was brought up to behave. The same goes for the opposite, if the dog is treated bad, untrained, and never disciplined, then it will likely act mean and aggressive.

One woman made a video displaying how the right training and environment can turn out pit bulls who are incredibly patient, attentive, loving, and non-aggressive. In the clip, uploaded to YouTube by the Pitbull Channel, a little girl stands in front of 6 adult male pit bull dogs.

She tells them all to sit and makes sure they fully comply before turning to prepare their dinner. The girl is only 4 years old and not much bigger than each of the dogs that surround her. Yet they all sit patiently waiting for their food, and not one of them whines, barks, or moves out of position.

She pours the dry food onto the floor as they watch, spreads it out, then counts to three before giving them the okay. All six dogs immediately spring forth to scarf down their dinner and even while they are eating the girl moves around them. They don’t nip, growl, or bite at her, as some dogs do around food, and clearly they have been trained extremely well.

In the background a woman explains “six male pit bulls, some people say it could never be done. They live and eat together. We are a family.” She is indirectly referring to the stereotype that many people cite when talking about pit bulls and how uncontrollable and aggressive they can be.

Her video is proof that this definitely is not always the case and that she trusts them around her young child. It’s strong evidence that the dogs have a bad reputation based on a few bad apples in the bunch. They have the ability to be family dogs who are gentle and patient, and should be loved just the same as any other type of dog.

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