QUIZ: What Animal Shares Your Personality?


What do you think your inner animal is? Do you think you share a personality that is most like a monkey, or maybe you display attributes closer to a shark. Perhaps you’re one of those reliable types of people who tend to avoid the stresses and strains of life, preferring to spend your free moments in restful solitude and peaceful relaxation. Those people have personalities that are most aligned with woman’s best friend, cats!

When it all comes down to it, each and every species and type of animal has a set of defining looks and characteristics. They also share uniquely specific personality traits that determine how they process the world and the environment they live in. These commonly shared traits have evolved over thousands of years and are what makes an animal’s behavior generally predictable and specific to their type. Different animals react to situations in unique ways which match their personalities. Dogs are known for being loyal and friendly animals who make excellent companions. In contrast, bears are seen as strong, territorial, and protective of their families; nothing comes in between a mother and her cubs. Dolphins are thought of as highly intelligent mammals who love the company of others and are sweet explorers who like to have fun.

Because many animal types have been well studied and observed, it gives people the ability to match up individuals with the animal they share the most in common with. In terms of temperament, outlook on life, personality, activity levels, and how we handle the variety of situations we face, we all have an animal which we closely resemble personality-wise. You may have an idea in your head right now about which one you share the most in common with. Find out if you’re correct or if there’s a better match by taking this quiz, it’ll let you know which animal you;re most like. Click the “let’s play” button to begin, have fun, and enjoy!

Which animal did you get?

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They Planted Seeds And Brought Back An Extinct Species That Hasn’t Been Around For 850 Years!

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Every now and then news accounts carry a story about how some plant, insect, and animal is dying out and fast becoming endangered or extinct. There are never any positive stories about how some previously extinct plant has been re-born or brought back into existence, until now.

This seemingly unbelievable tale first began a few years back, in 2008, when a group of archaeologists were conducting a dig on First Nations (Native) land in Wisconsin. During the course of the dig they came across a small clay ball, no larger than a tennis ball, which had been used to store a few handfuls of seeds. Those seeds were carbon dated back to 850 years ago and identified as “Gete-okosomin,” a type of squash that had not been grown, eaten, or seen by anyone for hundreds of years. The ancient seeds were given to a Native group, who in turn dispersed them to several groups and individuals, all whose goal was to bring them back to fruition.

Eventually the Canadian Mennonite University came to possess some of the heirloom seeds and they gave them to a group of students in Winnipeg, Canada, who were studying and learning about healthy foods. The students planted the seeds in the school garden and tended to them as the plants grew and matured. By the end of the semester the once extinct squash plants had yielded quite a few orange and yellow streaked, large, tasty squashes. To celebrate their successful growing season and harvest, the students decided to host an end of semester feast. The menu was full of all the healthy foods they had learned about and, above all else, it featured the extremely rare and ancient squash.

Finally, a story about how something that was once extinct was successfully brought back into existence without any modifications or bio-genetic type of alteration. This simple, positive story is just what the world needs this time of year. As people all over America are about to gather for Thanksgiving and dig into a feast of delicious foods, that likely includes some type of squash, they should remember what the day and coming together is all about. Brian Etkin, the Coordinator of the Garden of Learning in Winnipeg, summed it up best when he said that “this squash is representative of a tribe of a large community and everybody in that community having a place and food being a right of citizenship.” I couldn’t agree more.

Don’t forget to check out the video to see what the 850 year old veggies look like and to learn more about them.

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This Guy Was Just Taking A Walk Through The Woods, When The Earth Began To Breathe!


Imagine walking through the woods on a cool, windy day. You look around and take all the sights in, from the trees above to the floor below. As you head through the trees you carefully step over dead branches and jutting roots, then you notice something odd and out of place. What should be still, solid, stable ground is anything but that. Instead, the Earth all around you is heaving and moving slowly, like it’s alive or possessed by something. That would really freaky and weird, right? For one man, this was reality. Brian Nuttall captured footage and evidence of his strange walk through the woods this past Halloween, when the weakened remnants of Hurricane Patricia were passing through Nova Scotia, Canada. He had been walking through the forest in Apple River when he came upon the peculiar sight. In the video he shot the ground appears to be alive and “breathing,” it heaves up and down, and steadily moves around.

Mr. Nuttall shared the video he captured with with the Facebook page We Love Nova Scotia. Since it was posted, the clip has quickly caught people’s attention and imagination, and many have offered a variety of explanations for the breathing ground. The unique forest floor activity has been described as everything from eerie and supernatural to unbelievable and quite unusual. It’s definitely abnormal and it raises a lot of questions, the main one being; what the heck is happening here?

Mr. Nuttall put forth his own theory for the movement, centered around the strong winds blowing at the time. He wrote in the comments, “I believe the larger trees are doomed to blow down but are currently spared, the smaller trees around them help hold each other up, as the wind pushes the trees into one another. The punishing prevailing winds have taken their toll on the side hill, the roots have loosened and the mossy ground from the once shaded forest floor are giving way, soon to be toppled over.” His explanation seems to be the most logical and plausible one. Plus, he was the only witness present at the time and actually saw everything else near the moving area, so he is in the best position to make an educated guess.

That doesn’t mean others haven’t put forth their own viewpoints and theories as to what could possibly be causing the ground to “breathe.” Some people believe it to be the work of aliens or some type of supernatural entity that lives below the ground, and maybe it’ waking up. More scientific oriented explanations center around the possibility of there being water under the ground. Nova Scotia borders the Atlantic Ocean, so a few people posited that it could even be salty ocean water that’s to blame. Then there are those who believe that it may be a sinkhole that’s beginning to form. And of course, as with every video that seems too strange and cannot be clearly explained right away, there is the crowd who say that the video is faked and photo-shopped.

Regardless of whatever may be causing the strange ground movement, it’s an awesomely weird sight to see. Check it out for yourself and then decide what you think it is…

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QUIZ: How You React To This Beautiful Scenery Will Reveal Your Personality Type!

Image via: giphy.com

Personality quizzes come in many different forms. Some approach the topic in a logical and straightforward manner, while others are more inventive and imaginative in their approach. The personality quiz featured here is a visual, word-association type. All you have to do is look at several pictures of beautiful scenery from around the world and pick the word from the choices given that best describes how it makes you feel. It’s simple, quick, easy and accurate. Try it out and see which one of the following personality types you happen to be.

If you are an intrepid explorer you are perceptive, energetic, spontaneous, and entertaining to be around. Those who are passionate diplomats are selfless, helpful, peace loving souls. If your choices say that you’re an intellectual analyst then you are creative and often think ahead so you can anticipate things before they arise. The loyal sentinels among us are natural born leaders who protect their friends and family and can be relied on through thick and thin.

Of course, there is a lot more to these four different personality types and after examining your reactions to the pictures shown you can find out much deeper stuff about the one you fall under. All you need to do is take a moment to pick and choose your way through several photos to find out what they reveal about your inner self.

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Animal Adopts THIS Unlikely Orphaned Baby. What They Look Like Years Later? WOW

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The depth of compassion that one animal has for another, when they come from different species,  never fails to amaze me.  The touching video you are about to watch below, tells the story of little Poncho the opossum, whose mom was killed by a car, when he was just a newborn.

Poncho was found by animal rescuers, as the tiny infant clung to his dead mother’s side, after she had been hit by the car.  In fragile condition, and an unlikely chance of survival, little Poncho was lucky to be found.  Receiving veterinary attention, he was nursed back to health, but the sweet little guy was still a motherless child…until Hantu came along.

A most unlikely surrogate mom, the white German Shepherd had never had pups of her own.  It seemed like her need to nurture met with Ponchu’s need for a mother figure, and a bond was formed.  Ponchu clung onto to Hantu’s side just as he had with his mother!  The two brought comfort and happiness to each other.  To this day, years later, they are still inseparable!  Though bigger,

Poncho still clings to Hantu’s side as they take walks in the woods.

This is truly a sight to behold.  You will find this footage of Ponchu and Hantu so heartwarming and simply adorable. It is an uplifting video that will make your day!

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Baby Begins Crying For Help. What They Caught On Camera Next? AMAZING


When it comes to emotional bonds, there is nothing stronger than a mother’s love for her child. Moms will do anything to make their children happy and keep them safe. Sometimes it’s like they have a 6th sense for knowing what their kids are up to and how they are feeling. This isn’t just limited to human mothers, it can be seen in actions and behaviors across practically every animal species all around the world.

Take for example fruit bats. When one mother fruit bat somehow became separated from her baby she vigilantly kept up her search for the poor youngster. Luckily, a local Singaporean animal charity called ACRES came across the stranded baby and helped it out. The youngster had been lost and on its own for at least 2 hours and the group believed that its mother was still close by and around somewhere. They moved the tiny bat to an open, outdoor, protected place where its mother could more easily locate it, and then stepped back and waited for her to come.

The group was correct in their assumption and the lost bats mother came very quickly once they relocated it. Bats are blind and so the mother had to rely on the babies cries to locate it, and this mother took just a minute or two to track it down. In the clip you can see the adorable tiny bat crying out for help and its mother, then moments later she swoops down and envelops her baby in her wings. The pair maneuver around and it looks like the youngster is having trouble flying. That’s when mom rolls over and hooks her baby onto her, then she takes off and the pair fly away into the night!

The poor mother fruit bat was probably worried sick about the lost baby and was looking for it the whole time during the two hours they were apart. It all makes for a wonderful story, complete with a happy, feel-good ending. The video is further testament to the undeniable love and connection between mothers and their babies.

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