Man Notices a Strange Bug In The Grass. He Reaches Out, Touches It, Then It Totally Transforms.

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Mother nature never ceases to amaze us and yet there is simply so much that remains to be discovered out there in the world. While most animals have been studied extensively, many bugs and insects have yet to be comprehensively observed in the wild. One such type of bug is the rare and elusive Mountain Katydid (Acripeza reticulata).

Found predominantly in the southeastern corridors of Australia, Mountain Katydids, which are also known as Mountain Grasshoppers, are one insect that you wouldn’t mind coming face to face with in the wild. They are incredibly easy to miss, and are even harder to spot when you’re specifically looking for one, because of their natural built-in camouflage. The exterior part of their bodies is a dull brown or black color and this, combined with the grainy texture, makes them resemble what looks like a piece of bark or a dead leaf on the ground.

However, we all know that looks can be deceiving and the Mountain Katydids of Australia are not as inconspicuous as they initially appear to be. As you can see in the accompanying video, when they are touched even in the slightest manner they transform into bright, colorful little bugs that you don’t want to mess with!

The sudden change is caused by their wing casings parting to show off the funky colored lines of bold red, black, and bright blue dotted bands underneath. It’s an impressive sight and in the wild bright, flashy, electric colors often signify to predators that the creature they plan on hunting and eating is potentially toxic, poisonous, and/or nasty tasting. As for Katydids, they aren’t poisonous, but they are absolutely revolting and taste terrible since they’re chock full of noxious chemicals.

The fact that the insects flash their colors after being touched is definitely unique to them because such displays are always done in advance of any possible attack as a warning threat to others to stay away. Scientists have studied their behavior and yet still remain puzzled as to why the bugs only display once they’ve been touched, which in the wild would mean something tried to eat them! Seems like too little too late but perhaps there’s more to it that humans just can’t understand. Either way, be sure to check out the video and see how cool the Mountain Katydid truly looks!

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He Starts Having Trouble Reeling In His Line, Soon Finds Out It’s Record Breaking Monster Catch

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February 19, 2015 is a date that Dino Ferrari will never ever forget. On that fateful winter day the Italian man was fishing in the Po River delta, a muddy stretch of the country’s longest river. He was sitting in a boat using a fishing rod and dangling a line in the water when suddenly he felt a strong tug. Something had taken the bait and as he struggled to quickly reel the line in on the severely bent rod, he knew he had hooked a beast.

By the end of it all, Mr. Ferraro had caught an enormous 280 pound catfish that was longer than a man is tall and measured an amazing 8 feet, 9 inches long. Being an avid sport fisherman, he was sponsored by Sportex Italia, a maker of premium fishing rods. They were on hand to document, measure, and verify his catch and provided the unbelievable picture of Dino posing with the fish that you see in the video. While this particular catch may very well be a world record for a catfish caught using just a rod and reel, bigger catfish have been caught in that same river and around the world.

The American catfish record belongs to Tim Pruitt who back in 2005 caught a 124 pound fish in the Mississippi River. That’s nothing compared to the world record holder that fishermen in Thailand caught. According to an online National Geographic article, a group of Thai fishermen netted a Mekong Giant Catfish, named after the Mekong River in which they were fishing. The super-size fish weighed in at 646 pounds and measured almost 9 feet long, making it possibly the world’s largest freshwater fish caught since records have been kept as well!

While legends abound about record breaking catches and enormous catfish lurking in secret spots around the world, Mr. Ferrari’s tale is the reel deal. He caught the fish that most people can only dream of bagging and has the evidence to prove it so check it out! After pictures and video were taken, it was weighed, measured, and released.

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No One Believed Him When He Described His Morning Ritual With His Strange Friend So They Caught This

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Out of all the many different animals in the world, this young boy ended up becoming friends with a creature whose identity you’d probably never guess! The incredible footage shows the moment that he went to visit with his buddy and as you can see, it turns out that his special friend is none other than a giant manta ray!

The clip was captured in Spain’s Canary Islands where all types of stingray species are a very common sight in the surrounding waters. One of the main spots the large rays frequent is around a set of stairs that descend into the ocean. It’s where local fishermen toss back any unwanted fish and so the area has become a harbor hot spot where many sea creatures stop by hoping to find an easy meal.

On this particular day the young boy in red shorts had gone to the steps to feed and play with his lovable manta ray friend. The huge fish swam right up to where the kid was standing and greeted him as affectionately as a giant manta ray possibly can! It hovered near the surface close to the boy while he gently pet it and never once did it make any move that could be perceived as threatening or questionable. In fact, the creature was so calm and accustomed to the boy that it even ate the food he offered right out of his hands. That’s pretty impressive and shows a certain level of trust and familiarity that only develops over time. At one moment in the clip the boy splashed the surface of the water and seconds later the ray came in super close. It looks just like how you’d call over a dog and perhaps this boy has taught his giant ray friend a few cool tricks!

As unbelievable and odd as this pairing may seem to be, stingrays are actually quite friendly and curious creatures. They are intelligent and only will attack or sting when they are either defending themselves or something suddenly scares them, which is totally normal. When you watch the interaction in the video just think how cool and neat this would be if it happened to you. And while most people would probably be a little freaked out by such a giant fish swimming right up to them, this kid loves it and knows he’s safe. In the end, nature always finds a way to surprise us and make us smile, and this young boy and his stingray friend will do just that!

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Guys Confront This Crouching Lion On a Path. But Watch What It Does When It Notices Who They Are.

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Lions are symbolic of courage, strength, power, leadership, and authority. They are the king of the jungle and are at the top of the food chain, which is why no one in their right mind would ever dare to mess with one. As royally majestic looking, powerful, and wild as they instinctively are, some lions have formed incredibly close bonds with a few special humans.

On such man is Valentin Gruener, a conservationist and co-founder of the Modisa Wildlife Project in Kalahari, Botswana. His closest friend in the animal kingdom happens to be a lioness named Sirga who he first crossed paths with back in February of 2012. At that time she was just a ten day old cub whose mother had abandoned her and her two siblings shortly after birth. The other two had sadly already died but Sirga was still hanging on to life by a thread.

Severely dehydrated and at deaths door, Valentin made a split decision that would change the course of both their lives forever. Rather than leave her there to die, he scooped the little cub up and brought her to a veterinarian. They worked to save the weak, tiny cub and placed her on a drip before starting her on a special bottle-fed diet of fresh cream, milk, eggs, sunflower oil, and vitamins to help fatten her up. Within a matter of days her health took a turn for the better and by the years end she was at a normal weight and eating raw meat. Valentin had saved her from certain death, but now he wanted to save her from a life dependent on humans.

Since he had rescued Sirga when she was so young and took care of her every need, Valentin had become like a mother to the lion. As much as he wanted to see her live wild and free, she was hand-reared and had become overly familiar with people, so could never truly be released on her own. Even still, Valentin wanted her to be able to do normal lion things, like hunt for her own food, and has kept her contact with humans to the bare minimum.

If Sirga were part of a pride, she’d be responsible for hunting, yet lions primarily learn to hunt by watching older lionesses stalk and ambush prey. Instincts do play a major role as well and so Valentin took her out alone for hours at a time to places where he knew she could safely practice her hunting skills. She eventually caught on and like a proud father Valentin said “Watching her kill her first antelope, when she was aged 16 months, was an amazing moment. I thought she might become aggressive after the kill but she just came back and gave me a big hug. There is a very strong connection between us.”

For now Sirga only is allowed contact with Valentin and fellow conservationist Mikkel Legarth, who has helped to raise her from day one. They feed and play with her, take her on walks, and encourage her to hunt. They are also working on raising money to build a wildlife park in Botswana where Sirga and other rescued big cats can roam safely in a huge fenced-in area.

Now on the endangered species list, many local farmers view lions as pests and won’t hesitate to shoot them if their livestock is threatened. However, lions preying on farm animals is inevitable because their natural prey is declining across the board as well, all thanks to over-hunting by humans.

Valentin and Legarth have teamed up with Tauana Films to produce a documentary on their story called Saving Sirga: Journey into the Heart of a Lion. It was recently selected to be screened at the 2017 Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in New York later this year which will also be its world premiere. Be sure to check out the accompanying clip of the guys interacting with Sirga and keep your eyes out for the film because it looks like it’s going to be one heck of an extraordinary story!

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She Spots A Strange Egg Filled With Goo On Her Lawn. Then Grabs a Cam and Films This As It Hatches.

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If you saw a strange gooey ball of something super weird looking in your backyard, you’d likely be more than a little concerned about whatever it is. One woman happened to be outside when she noticed an egg-like sac of slime in the grass and upon closer inspection she saw it move! Naturally, curiosity set in so she grabbed her camera to record the oddity and to see what happened.

Next thing she knew the freaky little thing started hatching and red tentacle-like arms ripped right through the egg sac. The ugly looking arms grew longer and longer as they sprouted out before eventually curling open and unfurling. As alien and bizarre as the thing looks, it turned out that the woman captured the hatching and development of a strange, yet normal and somewhat common, type of mushroom known as Clathrus archeri.

The hideous thing certainly looks like it came straight out of the depths of hell, which makes sense when you hear what its common name happens to be, devil’s fingers! Not only does it appear truly frightening and poisonous, which it isn’t and besides who in their right mind would ever eat that, it also smells terrible. The red-colored arms you see unfolding are coated in a black, spore-covered tissue that smells like dead, rotting, putrid flesh. The fungus has this feature in order to attract flies and bugs to it because they pick up the spores and then help spread them all around.

This video makes it easy to understand where those who suffer from Fungophobia or Mycophobia, which is the fear of mushrooms, are coming from. Check out the clip to see how freaky this fungus looks and if you never eat another mushroom again after watching this, it’s completely understandable. This is truly one nasty looking shroom, even the strongest of hearts can’t stomach it once they get a whiff!

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Man Notices A Strange Hole In This Lake, So He Gets a Drone, Flies It Inside, and Captures This

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California’s Napa County is well known for its wine industry and beautiful scenery. Between its lush green rolling hills and wildflower covered valleys, it easily ranks among one of the most naturally picturesque places in America. There is so much to see and explore throughout the area and when the timing is right, one of the main attractions can be found at Lake Berryessa.

The seventh largest man-made lake in California is held back by the 304 foot tall Monticello Dam and is home to the famous “Glory Hole” spillway. Sitting just yards away from the concrete lip of the dam, the spillway is funnel shaped just like how a morning glory flower is, hence the name. At the opening and widest point, it measures 72 feet across before narrowing down to approximately 28 feet as it drops straight down two-hundred vertical feet! Once it reaches the bottom it bends ninety degrees and then straightens out before eventually draining out on the other side of the dam into Putah Creek.

The last time the spillway was in action was well over a decade ago and with the ongoing drought conditions that California has been experiencing it was expected to be awhile before it ever saw any use again. All of that changed recently when January and February brought record amounts of rain to the region and raised the lake’s water capacity to near maximum levels.

The sudden influx of so much water in such a short span of time meant that the glory hole was finally back in action and on February 16, 2017 the edge of it was officially runneth over! You have to check out this awesome drone footage to see what it looks like when thousands of cubic feet of water per second rush down the hole. It’s unbelievably mesmerizing and hypnotic and the power of the spillway is truly a wonder to behold. At one point in the footage the drone operator let it get a little too close to the hole and it almost ended up being sucked down into the dark depths. Check it out because this is something you don’t get to see all that often and it’s super neat!

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