Paddle Boarder Has A Once and Lifetime Experience With Two Huge Whales. This Is Amazing!

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The unending violence in our world, man’s inhumanity to man, just implodes our psyches on a day-to-day basis.  Some days are worse than others as people are slaughtered around our universe, and we grow more and more numb with each act of violence.  Simple acts of kindness, nature, and our ability to love one another selflessly, grow more distant.

All of this came to mind as I listened to the beautiful melody and timeless words of John Lennon’s “Imagine” that accompanies this magnificent footage.  Above the waters of Esperance in Western Australia, Jamien Hudson captured a moment in time from his drone, that is beyond captivating.

A paddle boarder, Dave Price, was peacefully gliding along when he came upon two, huge Southern Right Whales.  He paddled within the same vicinity, never disturbing them; man and nature at their finest.  The disparity in their size from the drone vantage point is dramatic.

John Lennon’s words set to this astounding footage is literally breathtaking.  I have watched it over and over before writing this piece.  It gave me a spiritual uplift that was much needed… a moment to breathe.  I hope that it will do the same for you.

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She Thanks This Alaskan Bear For Not Eating Her Kayak. The Bear’s Reaction? Hilarious!

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When the bear walked away from her kayak, she thanked him. But I never expected what he did in response. At first, he seemed to be willing to earn the thanks, ambling slowly up the hill and away from the kayak. This was a bit uncomfortable for her, however, and was not exactly what she was going for. She really would have preferred he politely respond with a “you are quite welcome, tourist lady”, or at least a grunt before walking straight into the woods and away from her kayak and herself.

As luck would have it, he expressed interest in her and continued in her direction. She was prepared for this possibility, which makes sense due to her Alaskan locale, and she made sure to explain to the english speaking bear that she was going to spray him with pepper spray. He didn’t seem to care until she gave a quick squirt. Still out of range, the spray did not reach him, but he must have known what it was, because he promptly turned and went straight back to the kayak.

She realized almost immediately what she had done, and became quite concerned. She began pleading with him, always calling him by his formal name, Bear. Moving in succession through all of the appropriate emotional states, she began by nicely asking the bear to stay away from her kayak. If you want to know how that worked out for her, watch the video until the very end. That’s all I’ll say, it’s best if you see it for yourself.

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An Elephant Charges Full Speed At This Guy, But Somehow He Knew To Do THIS


This is one of the most astounding wildlife videos I have seen in a while.  A tourist is in the jungles of Thailand and spots an elephant, in the brush, perhaps twenty feet away from where he is standing.  He watches and waits, with his camera in hand.

Within seconds the elephant charges and lands practically nose to trunk with the tourist…who doesn’t move!!  Shockingly, the elephant turned and ran away.  The tourist turns around and calmly smiles at whomever is doing the video.  Now I know you frequently see the term “jaw-dropping” on internet videos, but I have rarely viewed a moment where that description so aptly applies!

I don’t know if this tourist knew that the best thing to do in a situation like this was to stand completely still, or if he was frozen in shock?  Instinctively, I think I would have run, but according to biologists that would have put me in extreme danger.  Standing still, and a mere wave of the hand, signaled the charging elephant to back off.  Not moving sent the message that the man was not a threat, which instinctively removed the elephant’s desire to attack.

Watch this amazing video which illustrates the best thing to do, when faced with what was a potentially life-threatening situation.  The fact that this situation was diffused still boggles my mind.  I had to watch the video several times to really believe my own eyes!

What do you think you would have done in a jungle if an elephant charged at you within inches of your body?

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Photographer Captures Shots Of Snake-Like Lizard With Small Legs That Was Thought To Be Extinct!


A wildlife amateur photographer, Sjoerd van Berge Henegouwen, 48, was on vacation traveling in Masai Mara in Kenya.  He could sight of what he thought was a 20 inch snake on the side of the road, and was able to snap some pictures and video of it before it slithered back into the grasses.

After looking at his pictures carefully, the curious wildlife adventurer, did some research on the images he had captured.  Upon looking more closely at what he thought was a snake, he picked up on details that could only belong to a lizard.  This reptile had four tiny legs and a notched tongue that you will see in the following video.  These characteristics differentiated the creature as a lizard rather than a snake. This reclusive skink lizard was thought to be extinct!

The Dutch photographer couldn’t find pictures to compare it to, so he decided to post it on Facebook.  He was inundated with requests from wildlife experts who verified that, he had in fact, found the first living specimen in many many years, of a Western Serpentiform skink that had long been thought to be extinct.

This amazing and rare find is fascinating to view in the following footage.  The narration makes it all the more interesting. Please let us know what you think of this very important find of this really strange creature

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After You See What They Pull Out Of This Sea Turtle’s Nose You Will Never Litter Again


Off the pacific coast of Costa Rica, a team of marine biologists who were researching turtles, brought a grown, male olive ridley sea turtle aboard their boat.  They were shocked to find something stuck inside his left nostril which they believed to be a worm of some kind.  Seeing that the turtle’s breathing was impeded they proceeded to attempt to dislodge it as carefully as possible.  They were concerned that perhaps this worm had lodged into the turtle’s brain stem.

Feeling that they had no choice but to dislodge it, in order to save the turtle’s life, they were really concerned that moving it the wrong way could also end in it’s demise.  After working on it’s removal for several minutes they cut off a piece of it to discern what it actually was.  They were shocked and angered to discover that it was not anything organic.  Rather it was something completely man-made and a result of improper recycling that is contaminating our oceans and endangering sea life.

After nearly 8 minutes of carefully pulling at the lodged object, they pulled out a 10-12 inch plastic drinking straw!  Unfortunately they had nothing to sedate the turtle, so the procedure was painful.  The video of this quickly went viral on YouTube, getting nearly 5 million views.  “For the turtle, the wound would have been fatal had we left the plastic inside its nostril,” reported one of the researchers.

This video, although disturbing, luckily saved this turtle’s life.  There are many plastic objects, like straws, that get lodged in sea animals, which ultimately kill them.  The team disinfected the hole where the straw had been, and were forced by law to release the turtle back into the wild.  The footage is graphic but is important to watch.  It illustrates well the potential life-threatening consequences of the tons of garbage that ends up in the sea.

“We disinfected the air passageway with iodine and kept the turtle for observation before releasing him back into the wild,” the team reported on YouTube. “The bleeding stopped pretty much immediately after the removal of the straw.”  The good news is that this turtle’s life was saved.

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Mama Elephant Gives Birth To Her Baby Calf. Now Watch How The Herd Reacts!

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This is a story of what the power of loving care did for an orphaned elephant named Emily.  She was taken in, after losing her mother, by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya.  Defenseless on her own, baby Emily was nurtured in this safe environment, until she was ready to be released back into the wild.  She was well-prepared to live out the remainder of her life as an adult.

The caretakers were sad to see Emily go, but felt they had given her the chance she needed to eventually have a family of her own, of which she had been deprived, due to the loss of her family at such a young age. One day, on December 23, 2014, an astoundingly heartwarming and unusual event occurred. The caretakers of the wildlife trust, who never thought they would lay eyes on their  beloved Emily again, were shocked at what occurred.

Without any human enticement or help, Emily appeared at the place where she had been cared for when she so badly needed it.  The reason for her appearance?  She came to give birth to her calf amongst the people who, not only saved her, but brought her up to be an elephant who could survive on her own.  The birth of her baby daughter, Emma, is captured in this beautiful video.

Not only were her caretakers at the Trust deeply moved that she found her way back for this momentous occasion in her life, but the herd gathered around her, to help her and her sweet newborn calf, after the birth.  The miracle of birth is always something wonderful to behold.  After you watch this outstanding video please share your thoughts and feelings about this touching story of the incredible cycle of life.  This majestic footage is worth  watching  several times.

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