Bizarre Animal Spotted Creeping Around Woman’s Lawn. Have You Ever Seen One of These?

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If you spotted this strange, mutant looking creature in your backyard would you scream and run away or take a picture of it? The woman who found the creepy, snake-like, two-headed thingy had both of those reactions and she even called her friends over to take a look at it. Naturally she wanted to know what the heck it was she was dealing with because you don’t see something like this everyday.

Lujan Eroles filmed the odd little creature in her Santa Fe, Argentina backyard and when she was still unsure as to what exactly it was, she posted it social media. According to Lujan, she and her friends “all thought it was a mutant animal, which is why we filmed it and put it online for people to give us their opinions.” The post has since gone viral and the answer as to what the creature is has been narrowed down to two possible answers, neither of which include any mutants!

The main explanation that people seem to agree on is that it’s either one of two caterpillars which are native to where Lujan lives in Argentina. The first one is what’s known scientifically as Eumorpha labruscae which is also more commonly called a gaudy sphinx. When in the larval stage the caterpillars look like mini-snake heads, as you can see in the picture, and after they pupate they transform into moths as adults.

The second possibility is that the caterpillar is a different type of moth, Deilephila elpenor, aka an elephant hawk-moth. These moths also display a snake-like appearance as a means to ward off predators, mainly birds, and to keep from being eaten. The color patterns and placement resemble serpent scales, while the black patches give it eyes on both ends. The creepy look is all part of the little caterpillar’s first line of defense and without it they’d be plucked up by a hungry bird!

Regardless of whatever species caterpillar this snake-worm insect creature belongs to, it’s ugly and creepy up close and it’s not anything I’d want crawling on me. Make sure you check it out and weigh in with your opinion as to what type of caterpillar you think it is!

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Apparently You Shouldn’t Ever Kill a Centipede Inside Your Home. This Is Good Information.

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Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary, a place where you can relax, unwind, and kick off your shoes. However, any sense of tranquility is easily shattered if you’ve ever spotted a house centipede crawling around your personal space. If you’re blissfully unaware of what a house centipede looks like, prepare to be enlightened.

The hideous looking creatures have what appear to be like a hundred legs, but according to Wikipedia there are actually only 15 pairs of legs, the key word being pairs! All of these long sets of legs stick out from their inch or longer bodies and to top it all off they have an extra long pair of antennae that makes them look way bigger than they actually are. They are downright ugly and unless you’re a fan of creepy crawlies, then you likely won’t enjoy these things running around your house.

Speaking of running, they are super fast so all of those spindly legs aren’t for nothing! Oftentimes people spot them because they suddenly dart out from whatever dark corner or crack they were hiding in. The sight is jarring and naturally your first instinct is to squash the sucker dead, but killing the bugs is precisely what you should NOT do! As odd as it sounds, once you know the reasons why they should be left alone, you’ll understand that it’s ultimately for the greater good.

First off, house centipedes are like tiny little pest controllers. They hunt out and kill other bugs that are invading your house and their appetites know no boundaries. They will eat spiders, moths, roaches, flies, silverfish, and even termites which can be a very damaging and expensive pest to have around your home. They themselves do not cause any structural damage, if anything the sight of them may take an emotional toll on you, but that’s it. Best of all, they’re a natural alternative to harsh chemical bug deterrents and they cost absolutely nothing.

Next, they are considered harmless to humans. They are more likely to run away from you rather than towards you, plus they’re mainly active at night time so you probably won’t ever even see them. While they do have poisonous venom, which they use to kill all those other bugs, their mouths and jaws are usually not big or strong enough to penetrate our skin. However, on extremely rare occasions they have succeeded in biting a person and the effect is comparable to that of a bee sting. Minor redness, pain, and swelling may accompany it, but the chances of you getting munched on by one would be like winning the lottery or being killed by a shark; it’s just not going to happen.

Finally, if the thought of centipedes crawling through your home is too much for you to bear, simply take preventative measures to keep them out. Seal any cracks or places where they could possibly get in and keep all areas, especially basements and garages, damp-free and as dry as possible. You can leave sticky tape traps to catch them or call a professional pest controller in, but they really shouldn’t be a major issue unless you have an infestation or a severe phobia of bugs with a million legs!

The next time you spot one of the ugly insects crawling around, let it go because it’s likely killing all of the many other pests that are hiding in your home. In the end, if they aren’t bothering you, why bother them?

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He Spots a Strange Shape Forming In The Clouds, Then Looks Left and Things Escalate Fast

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Every year hundreds of tornadoes form in the skies above Earth. The rapidly rotating columns of air tunnel down from the clouds, twisting and turning as they travel across the ground. The extreme weather events can turn out to be phenomenally destructive, blowing away whatever stands in their way, and stronger rated twisters are sometimes even fatal.

While tornadoes have been documented on every continent and can occur practically anywhere, North America boasts the most on average with the United States coming in at number one. The area south of the US-Mexico border is also where strong twisters commonly form and the Mexican state of Chihuahua is no stranger to tornado danger. That is where the accompanying clip was filmed and the dramatic footage that the person behind the camera managed to capture is unbelievably terrifying to watch.

Digital newspaper La Opción de Chihuahua posted the incredible video online which shows a man filming a strange looking cloud formation in the sky above. The dark clouds swirl around quickly in a spiral motion as a funnel begins to emerge from the center of it all. In a matter of mere seconds a tornado touches down on the ground off to his left and as he pans over you can see just how close it actually is. Check it out and see for yourself how crazy this is! If you were the person filming, how scared would you be?!

The guy was so entranced by the dramatic scene above him that he either forgot about, or overlooked, how dangerous a situation he was in. Instead of filming the unbelievable sight he should have run for shelter and taken cover somewhere safer than out in the open. Experts recommend that everyone under a tornado warning should immediately go to the lowest level of their house or whatever building they’re in. Windowless rooms are the best because most injuries caused by tornadoes are from flying debris and so basements, storm cellars, bathrooms, and closets are often the safest places. In addition, it’s advised that you protect your head and can do that by either getting underneath a heavy piece of furniture or wrapping your arms around your head and neck.

In the end, this short clip shows a scene that is truly a testament to mother nature’s absolute power; it’s insane, dangerous, crazy, beautiful, and terrifying all at once. The events unfold so quickly that it’s easy to see why the man filming didn’t even notice the tornado barreling down towards him. Hopefully he got away and was safe!

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Apparently This Is The Scary Reason Why You Don’t See Fireflies On Your Lawn Anymore

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Many people have some really fond memories of the happy, carefree times they spent outside searching for lightning bugs. It’s basically a childhood tradition to run around at dusk, looking for the tell-tale green lights, trying to track them down catch them. However, something strange has been happening lately.

If you’ve noticed that there just aren’t as many fireflies as there used to be, you’re not alone. All across the country, and the world, the little glowing bugs are fast disappearing. With each passing year there seems to be less and less lighting up the night and it will be a sad day when fireflies are gone forever.

Researchers and scientists have been documenting the phenomenon and along with bees, butterflies, and many other insects whose numbers are also in decline, the primary cause is being attributed to mostly human activities. In particular, the insects are losing their natural habitat as humans move in and take over the land. The constant development and population growth means that there are fewer places for fireflies to live, breed, and thrive. They prefer cool, damp areas in and around forests where there is an abundance of rotting wood and bodies of standing water.

Another big issue they face is related to the explosive increase in light pollution. Between street lights, car lights, flood lights around houses, and all of the countless other sources of bright artificial light that illuminate the night sky, there’s a lot for them to contend with. Light pollution is terrible for fireflies because it messes with their ability to light up and signal one another, which is how they mate. If they aren’t glowing as much, they aren’t reproducing as much, and that’s a major part of why there are noticeably less fireflies with each passing summer.

Finally, the extensive overuse of pesticides is killing scores of innocent lightning bugs. Chemical pesticides are extremely harsh and can be toxic to all forms of life, including your own. They kill much more than what they are intended for. In fact, pesticides are why bees are disappearing in such alarming numbers and many of the most common and widely used varieties are lethal to them. In addition, the runoff containing the toxic chemicals ends up polluting rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, and basically any body of water, even watersheds, aren’t immune from their ill effects. In the end, it’s best for everyone, especially mother nature, to just say no to using pesticides.

As bleak as the firefly situation seems, there are some things you can do to help the cool little bugs out and make a positive difference. The easiest and most obvious thing you can do is limit the amount of light pollution you’re contributing to the environment. Use lights with motion detectors so they aren’t always on and turn off any that may be unnecessary at night. You’ll not only save energy and money, you’ll also see more lightning bugs in the long run.

Next, give them a place to live. They don’t need much, just some natural vegetation like rotten logs and composting leaves is enough for them. If you can, rather than clean up everything on your property, leave part of it wild and untouched. Finally, stop using chemical pesticides! Opt for organic and other natural alternative solutions instead.

All that it takes is a little knowledge and awareness to help stem the drastic decline in lightning bug numbers. Please do what you can and be sure to pass this information on with friends and family so that future generations will be able to enjoy fireflies for years to come!

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He Placed a Camera On The Ice, Then Caught The Most Unthinkable Footage.

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For seventeen days two men had set up camp overlooking a glacier in Western Greenland. Videographers Adam LeWinter and Jeff Orlowski were working for the The Extreme Ice Survey, an expedition which was documenting and collecting data on the changes glaciers were going through due to global warming.

Hoping to capture some great footage, they naturally chose to observe the Jakobshavn Glacier, which is also more commonly known as the Ilulissat Glacier in reference to the name of the town that’s nearest to it. Located on the Western side of Greenland, north of the Arctic Circle and slightly north of the glacier, the town of Ilulissat translated into English means “Icebergs.” If you want to observe a glacier, this is a prime place to do just that.

Like all glaciers, the Ilulissat Glacier is absolutely massive in scope and size. The video of it here does simply not do it any justice and towards the end of the clip you’ll understand how incredibly awesome this event truly is. According to Wikipedia the glacier is estimated to shed, or calve off, around 35 billion tons worth of icebergs every year, making it responsible for producing about 10% of all the icebergs that originate from the Greenland ice sheet.

Many of the icebergs that calve off are huge, but no recorded ones have ever been as large as the one captured here. The record-breaking calving event occurred just over 9 years ago on May 28, 2008 and it went on for over 75 minutes as a chunk of ice bigger than the size of lower Manhattan, New York crashed and rolled violently into the sea. The insane footage was featured in an award winning documentary film called Chasing Ice that one of the eyewitnesses, Jeff Orlowski, directed. He managed to catch some of the most astonishing, eye-opening, and mesmerizing video of a glacier calving ever.

In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a better illustration of the effects that climate change and global warming were having on the environment and landscape some ten years ago, so imagine how much more it has accelerated since then. Do yourself a favor and watch this the whole way through because it really is fascinating.

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These Guys Found a ‘Puppy Covered in Mud.’ But Once He’s Cleaned They Realize He’s Not a Puppy.

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When workers arrived early one morning at a construction site near London’s Canary Wharf they were met with a strange sight. Down in a muddy hole they had spotted something moving around and upon first glance they assumed it was a little puppy who had somehow fallen in and become trapped in the deep ditch.

The animal looked to be in pretty bad condition. It was covered in a thick layer of crusted on mud and pieces of plastic had become stuck and matted in its fur. The poor puppy was exhausted from trying to climb its way out of the hole and was at risk of hypothermia and suffocation. He was facing certain death if the workers didn’t step in and rescue him quickly.

Thankfully they set straight to work freeing the trapped animal and once he was brought up from the muddy hole they rushed him to the nearby South Essex Wildlife Hospital. The staff who took in the filth covered little pup immediately put him in a nice warm bath and gently scrubbed all of the dirt and grime off his coat.

As the caked on mud slowly dissolved and came off they soon realized that this was no ordinary puppy. It turned out that their new patient, who they nicknamed “Muddsey,” was actually a young red fox! After warming him up and drying him off they examined him further and other than being tired and dehydrated, the fox was in pretty good condition. Wanting to give him the best chance at living a long, healthy life, they kept him long enough to ensure he re-gained all his strength back before releasing him back into the wild where he belonged.

If the construction workers who had spotted him had not immediately stepped in the poor little fella would have likely been a goner because he was well and truly stuck at the bottom of that hole and was not going anywhere fast. In the end, little Muddsey got a second chance at life and hopefully he’s living it to the fullest somewhere out there in England. Check out the video to see his incredible transformation from unrecognizable to beautiful, strong, and healthy once again.

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