The Door Opened and This Pup Ran Straight At This Tiger. The Results? Incredible

They door opened, and the dog ran right at the tiger wanting to play. Surprisingly the tiger actually played back! Towards the end the tiger starts to get a little too rough but then backs off.  Animals are so amazing!

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This Alien Creature Was Caught and Released Today!

This is a basket sea star…  Here’s one that was accidentally caught but RELEASED after the video was taken.

Basket stars are a group of brittle stars. They are treated as a suborder Euryalina  or order Euryalida. Many of them have characteristic many-branched arms. They generally live in deep sea habitats. In the wild they may live up to 35 years. They weigh up to 5 kilograms (11 lb). Like other echinoderms, basket stars lack blood and achieve gas exchange via their water vascular system.

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A Young Buck Approaches a Little French Bulldog. The Dog’s Reaction? Priceless

Meet Ellie Mae an energetic French bulldog.  They are in backyard in Wellington, Nova Scotia. According the dog’s human they had been going strong for a while before she finally went and grabbed her camera.  Enjoy!

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A Baby Deer Walked Up To This Young Girl. The Fawn’s Reaction? Adorable

This family just got back from a camping trip when a baby deer appeared out of no where.   It walked right up to this little girl and was not scared at all.   The family knew this fawn was separated from its mama so they led the fawn back to her.

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His Two Daughters Approached a Fawn With a Pile Of Leaves. The Fawn’s Reaction? Adorable

I have never seen a deer act like this.  This is truly an incredible moment.

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This Man Was Feeding Some Fish, When An Unexpected Visitor Stops By to Say Hello.

Stingray jumps out of the water to get some food.  This Is Amazing!

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