Man Was Napping In The Shade Under a Tree, When a Cheetah Approaches and Does The Weirdest Thing

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Cheetahs are built for two main things, running and hunting. You can’t outrun them. They are the fastest land animals on Earth. You can forget outmaneuvering them, it’s believed that they’re able to know and anticipate the escape tactics of the animals they prey upon. By the time you even notice one and start to move they’re already off and running as they also hold the animal record for fastest acceleration. In fact, it takes them a mere 3 seconds to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour, that’s quicker than many race cars are able to accelerate!

Cheetahs are clearly one of the world’s most amazing and graceful big cats. While they may be built for speed, they’re also built for more leisurely activities, like long naps in the shade. The sweet girl named Eden in this video loves to do just that!

Dolph C. Volker was volunteering at the Cheetah Experience in South Africa when he first met the 3 year old Eden and the two quickly formed a special bond. In a matter of days he’d found himself welcomed into her comfort zone and she was soon approaching him on her own to affectionately groom and cuddle with him. In the accompanying clip she licks, nibbles, and gently bites at him before settling down for nice relaxing nap in his arms under her favorite tree. The best part about it is that the whole entire time Eden purrs like a little baby!

She’s such an unbelievably friendly and sweet Cheetah, you just have to see her interaction with Mr. Volker yourself to understand how warm and at ease she truly is!

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Woman Has an Amazing Cuddle Session With a Giant Wolf

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Not many people can walk freely with wolves and the rare few who are able to share such a close and special bond with the majestic animals are incredibly fortunate. Danielle, a wildlife worker at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center, is one of those lucky souls. She has earned the trust and respect of several timber wolves at the center and as you can see in this awesome video, they truly seem to love and appreciate her like one of their own!

The large grey wolf seen walking alongside Danielle in the beginning is named Kekoa, which in Hawaiian means “brave one.” He’s a nine year old Timber wolf who was transferred in from the Seacrest Wolf Preserve in Florida along with his sister Sakara who is also featured in the clip. According to the Wildlife Center, Kekoa enjoys giving visitors sweet kisses and he’s exceptionally gentle around them!

It’s clear to see that the handsome boy definitely loves the ladies and watching him interact with Danielle says it all. He walks with her happily wagging his tail and when she sits down in the snow he nuzzles her affectionately and bows his head in submission. Then he starts licking her face enthusiastically, which make seem kind of gross, but it’s actually a further sign of his affection and subordination towards her.

As brave and noble as he looks, he’s also a big baby and I mean real big! He weighs in at 115 pounds and when he places his front paws up on a persons shoulders he comes in at about 7 feet tall! Check out the size comparison between Danielle, who happens to be an average sized adult, and his sister Sakara, who is slightly smaller than her brother and weighs 85 pounds. Kekoa is huge, yet so sweet and soft!

The best part is when he rolls over on his back and fully exposes his tummy to Danielle. Not only does this signal that he wants her to give him belly rubs, it also shows just how much he truly trusts her.

While he’s willing to be completely vulnerable around Danielle, he’s also not a fully wild wolf. In an interview with The Dodo wildlife center staffer Michelle Smith explained that “Since he was raised by people and bottle fed from the time he was born, he is very well socialized, meaning he enjoys the company of people. This is not the same as domesticated or tame. He is still a ‘wild’ animal, and he does tend to show it when he is around his sister. A wolf in the wild would not act this way.” To drive home her point, a healthy and normal wild wolf would never allow a person to pet them, let alone approach them in the first place. Wolves actively avoid human contact and prefer to stay well away from us.

This clip just shows how well people and wolves can get along if given the chance to. They are highly personable and are a far cry from the wicked, evil animals that they have been portrayed as in fairy tales and stories over the centuries. In fact, wolves are easily among the most intelligent, socially complex, and misunderstood animals on Earth. They have been given a wholly undeserved reputation by people, hunted and persecuted to near extinction, and yet through it all they’ve managed to survive and endure.

Please be sure to check out the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center’s beautiful video and see for yourself how sweet natured and loving they can be!

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Watch These 3 Awkward Sloth Bears Confront a Strange Pink Balloon and Attempt To Play With It.

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What do you think happens when a couple of bears come across a mysterious, completely foreign object that they’ve never ever seen before? Do they ignore it and walk away or does curiosity get the best of them?

This hilarious video clip answers these questions and more as it offers us a unique look into bear behavior. When the three bears that you see here came across a bright pink balloon they definitely didn’t shy away from it out of a concern for their health and safety! Instead, one marched right up to the strange thing bobbing in the breeze and decided to have a closer look at it. Rather than start off his investigation on all fours, he chose to teeter totter over on his two hind legs. When bears walk upright like that it’s awesome because not only is it so unexpected, it’s also just cool to see.

The first lone bear was naturally a little apprehensive about the pink balloon. Who wouldn’t be if they were in his position, it must seem so alien-like from his perspective. However, when his two bear pals come over to join in it seems to raise his courage because that’s when he takes his first swipe at it. His clumsy paws cause the balloon to bobble around and float off a ways, with the curious bears hot on its string-tail! At one point or another they all take turns walking upright chasing after the balloon, sniffing it, and trying to pin it down in one spot. When one of them finally does, the inevitable happens!

The shaggy looking bears in this video are called sloth bears. The adorable animals feed mostly on insects, termites are their favorite snack, and live on the greater Indian subcontinent where they have become threatened by over-hunting and habitat loss. Many also end up captured and are forced to perform and entertain because of their easy to train nature and tame-ability. These three live at the Beekse Bergen Safari Park which is in Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands. They may be a long ways from home but at least they’re together and safe from the poachers, leopards, and tigers that hunt them as prey.

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This Lady Waves At A Bear As They Drive By. How It Reacts? OMG!

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Bears don’t always wave back but when they do, it’s because they’re ultra-smart and friendly! At least one part of that statement is true because bears are seriously clever animals. In fact, many experts believe they are the most intelligent animal in all of North America. However, the vast majority of bears are not friendly, after all they are wild animals who act on their instincts. People should stay well away from them if they value their health and continued existence on this planet.

Even so, there are always those rare individuals who end up surprising the heck out of us and bears are no exception to this sentiment. The big friendly Kodiak bear in this short video is one of the friendliest, most laid back bears you’ll likely ever come across. He lives in Washington state at the Olympic Game Farm, a sanctuary that focuses on animals that were used in show business. Perhaps he’s just used to people and likes them, or he’s loving retirement, but this bear is really nice!

As the people in the car filming pull up alongside the gentle looking giant the woman in the passenger seat throws up a hand and waves at him. Much to their surprise the bear, who’s sitting comically on his rear end in the dirt near the road, returns the gesture and waves right back at them! It’s almost as if the bear knows the people and is waving at them to say hello. This is something you have to see to truly appreciate how cool it really is, it’s easily one of the most hilarious and awesome bear-moments caught on tape!

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Scuba Diver Has a Once In a Life Time Experience With a Seal In The Ocean!

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Imagine that you are out scuba diving with some friends in the cool Atlantic Ocean waters off the Isles of Scilly in England. The mood is light and you’re having a great time exploring and enjoying the moment. All of a sudden you find yourself surrounded by a group of curious Atlantic grey seals. The large mammals are swimming all about, checking out the strange visitors, when one seal in particular takes an interest in you. He swims right up, reaches out a flipper, and touches your hand. Then he rolls on his back and places your hand on his tummy, he wants a belly rub!!

For one man, the unbelievably amazing interaction described above was real and thankfully the once in a lifetime chance meeting was captured on video for all of us to see and vicariously experience. Gary Grayson is the diver who got up close and personal with the friendly seal, who can be seen putting a flipper gently up against his hand as if it’s comparing the two.

The whole time the seal appears to be completely relaxed and totally at ease. In fact, throughout the encounter he wears what looks like a smile on his face. After nuzzling Mr. Grayson affectionately the seal then started to pat his hand and urged the man to rub his tummy. Using his flippers to stay in place, the friendly mammal rolled onto his side and back and guided the diver’s hands around to where he wanted a scratch!

The man obliges and the seal looks like he is loving the attention. It’s a beautiful sight to see, a big sweet seal acting like a happy puppy dog getting his tummy rubbed! It’s behavior like this that has earned seals the nickname “dogs of the sea. Their friendly demeanor and playfulness around humans and other animals is so incredibly dog-like, a few of them have even been captured on film snuggling up to their canine counterparts on the beach and romping around in the water with them!

This video certainly backs up the comparison. Whereas dogs are man’s best friend on land, seals are man’s best friend in the water! The remarkably friendly one that Grayson had the fortune to meet is truly a sweetheart and what an experience it must have been for everyone involved!

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This Guy Felt Something Grab His Leg. When He Realized What It Was? WOW!

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A few lucky people visiting the beach had an extremely fortunate and wonderfully surprising experience with a wild sea otter on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. The once in a lifetime chance meeting occurred in the waters of Cadboro Bay on the southern tip of the island near the province’s capitol, Victoria.

The beach was pretty much empty save for a few people who were happily snapping away, taking pictures of the beautiful picturesque bay, when a sea otter swam into view! Beachgoers naturally started filming the cute little sea mammal as he played around near the shore in his natural habitat. Thankfully they did because they caught the moment when the curious otter decided to make friends with a man who was wading in the shallow, chilly Pacific waters nearby.

The sea otter suddenly swam right up to him without any hesitation whatsoever and began to check him out up close and personal. The adorable otter swam all around the guy, weaving in and around his lower legs and ankles. Before long he even appeared to be nuzzling the man, who reached down and gave the little guy a couple of friendly pats on the back.

The friendly mammal looked like he was loving the attention and acts just like an excited puppy dog would, he even gently nipped at the man’s leg as they played in the water. The whole encounter lasted just a few minutes before the otter decided he’d had enough and headed back out to sea. Nevertheless, the brief time that the man and otter shared together definitely left a lasting impression on everyone who was there at the beach that day. The remarkably friendly otter was truly a sweetheart and what an amazing experience it must have been for everyone involved!

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