She Sprinkles Salt On A Lemon Then Squeezes The Juice Into The Toilet. But The Reason Is Brilliant!

We all know that lemons add great flavor to foods and drinks. We have learned extensively about their health benefits, providing a multitude of anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits. At the center of the greatness of the “Mighty Lemon” is it’s concentration of Vitamin C.

However, this video that you are about to watch, is not about the health benefits of lemons. Rather, it shows 10 ways in which lemons can be used as a house cleaning tool, that are just amazing. Not only do they do the job, but leave everything fresh smelling.

It is the acidity in the lemon juice, and the grease-cutting oil contained in the skin, that give lemons such efficient cleaning properties.

The 10 ways to clean with a lemon included in the video below are as: A Fridge Freshener; Microwave Steam Cleaner; Grater ‘De-Cheeser’; Scourer for Wood Cutting Board; Descaling the Hot Water Kettle; Glass and Mirror Cleaner; Toilet Bowl Cleaner (with coarse salt); Soap Scum Remover; Sparkling Chrome and Faucets and a Garbage Disposal Deodorizer.

Watch the video to see exactly how easy it is to use lemons for these purposes!

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