He Set Up A Hidden Trail Cam To Catch Poachers. But What The Cam Caught Is An Unexpected Surprise!

When it comes to paranormal activity people are usually split into two categories, those who believe in it and those who do not. It all boils down to an individual’s personal viewpoint and beliefs. This has inevitably made it a very contentious topic, which has been debated time and again throughout history for as long as anyone can remember.

Countless numbers of people all over the world claim they have seen unbelievable sights and things that cannot be explained rationally. These eerie events and experiences are simply beyond the scope of scientific understanding and end up being attributed to paranormal activity. One interesting area of the topic centers around strange video footage captured on trail cameras that have been set up on private property.

Beyond using them to view and track wildlife, land owners often place the motion activated cameras in areas were they have had issues with trespassers before. When someone or something walks across the sensors path it triggers the camera to take a picture, so it makes a handy surveillance device. Many a thief has been caught by trail cams, as well as animals who live in the woods.

There has also been some wholly inexplicable, freaky, strange images captured by the cameras. This compilation clip shows some of them, and the curious happenings are downright spine tingling. The first case shows a bright white, glowing image of a woman who is holding a wand-like object and appears to have wings or a flowing cape on.

It was captured by a man in Georgia who set up a trail cam in order to catch poachers on his land. He had reported seeing a strange light the night it was taken, and was so concerned about it that he even called police to report the event. Another image shows a super creepy figure hunched over in the darkness, it’s eyes glow bright, and it looks as if it has a human like form with an arm out to the side propping it up.

A hunter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana told the local media that he’d set up a trail cam but it had broke. He was able to recover the memory card and found the disturbing image on it. There other images on the clip are just a eerie and raise even more questions about what is out there in the world.

As with any paranormal activity or ghost story claim, there are many skeptics who say these images are doctored and fake. They argue that the videos and photos have been edited or manipulated and write off any and all proof as dubious. However, this is something you have to see for yourself, no description can do it justice.

Check them out and decide whether or not you think the events captured on trail cameras are the work of ghosts or something else.

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