11 Bra Hacks I Wish I Knew Earlier. I Will Never Look At a Bra The Same Way Again!

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Everyday over half the population straps on a bra before heading out the door. In general, women are expected to wear a bra but they often choose to do so for many reasons other than just that. Whether it’s for comfort, support, boosting cleavage, or working out, most females simply put on a bra without really thinking twice about it.

Just like all articles of clothing, bras can end up not properly fitting due to fabric stretching or weight loss/gain, and they often slowly deteriorate over time. Sometimes under-wires pop out and stab at ribs, straps slip off or dig into shoulders, and what was once a favorite bra becomes useless, ill fitting, and uncomfortable.

To get the most out of your pricey undergarments, and to deal with the most common bra-related annoyances, check out BuzzFeed’s bra hack video for some easy tricks:

The first trick covered involves converting a regular strap bra into a racerback bra by using a paperclip. Slide the clip through one strap, pull the straps together at the center of your back, then securely attach the clip to the other strap. When underwire sticks out uncomfortably and rubs against skin get a pantyliner, cut a small piece from it, and wrap it around the wire for instant relief.

If you have issues with strapless bras staying up, try using a convertible strap to hold it in place. Start by keeping one end of the strap hooked to the bra, bring the other end around the front, and hook it into the other side for a tighter, more supported fit. When tight straps are causing shoulder pain take a silicone shoulder pad and slide it onto the strap for a quick fix.

When you need to hand wash bras take them into the shower with you and do it there, then dry them rapidly in a salad spinner. To check the fit of a bra see if two fingers or your whole fist fits inside the back strap. The bra fits well if two fingers fit comfortably inside but if your fist fits it’s too big. Finally, to store bras, maintain their shape, and save space, drape them over a hanger.

Wearing a bra doesn’t have to be painful and annoying, and simple alterations or fixes can go a long way to increase your overall comfort.

Hopefully these useful tips and solutions will solve any future bra issues you run into.

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