17 Bears Were Held Captive In Concrete Pits For Years. Their Reaction When They Are Freed Is Priceless!

I am always heartbroken to hear stories of animals who are held in captivity under horrendous, inhumane conditions, when they are meant to live in the wild.  Such was the case for seventeen bears, who were caged in small concrete pits, at the Black Forest Bear Park in Georgia.

For years they lived a miserable existence, being humiliated into begging for food from visitors to the park.  The two female bears who are the subjects of this story were bred, and when they gave birth their cubs were ripped away from them at once.  This would be akin to taking away a human child from it’s mother.

Years went by living in these horrid conditions until help finally arrived.  Thanks to the joint effort of PETA, the Atlanta Humane Society and Sam Simpson, the day came for these tortured animals to be freed and brought to The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado.

Watch as they get to luxuriate in the feeling of the earth and grass beneath their paws for the first time, after only feeling cold concrete for so long. No longer did they need to beg for food.  They were free to roam and search for the abundant fresh fruit and vegetables that were available to them in the magnificent 60-acre sanctuary.

Part of this happy ending is that the two female bears were pregnant at the time of their rescue, and would get to experience the joy of getting to keep their cubs close, raising their offspring for the very first time.

Sit back and enjoy the footage, showing the sheer joy of the bears, as they are released into the freedom of their wildlife habitat.  I love a happy ending!

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