Mama Ask These Guilty Pups ‘Who Stole The Cookie?’ How She Finds Out Whose Guilty Is Hilarious!

Brother and sister Dogs, Harley and Wiloa are being interrogated by their human mom, as to who got the cookie off the counter and ate it! The look in their eyes as she humorously questions them, while explaining the virtues of telling the truth and her suspicions about the culprit, are priceless.

In the hilarious video you are about to watch below, watch what happens after mom gives them chance after chance, to tell the truth about which sibling is to blame. Sibling betrayal seems to come as easily to dogs as it does to human children!

Alex Hutchinson, the dogs’ “mom”, has a company and website called Bark Badges. She was inspired by her two adorable dogs seen in this video, as they have such definite dispositions that make for comical interactions. Harley is the “mama’s boy”, while Wiloa (his sis) is “just plain mischief!”

Watch and enjoy this “laugh out loud” video of these nutty pups!

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