I Thought A Band Was On Stage When They Began To Sing Hotel California. But The Truth Blew Me Away

This astounding a cappella vocal arrangement of the Eagles’ classic “Hotel California” is proof positive of the greatest instrument of all time, the voice. The Cubans, a remarkable group, display the art form of the human voice in all it’s glory.

Though hard to believe, when listening to this haunting rendition of this classic rock song, not a single instrument other than their voices are being used. They recreate not only the guitar solo, but are able to portray the nuanced guitar effects and simulate the unique sound of the drums, showcasing a cappella prowess at its finest.

This song, which has been beloved for so many years, is performed so uniquely and magnificently, that I had to watch it twice to really believe there are no back up instruments! Be transported to the “Hotel California” while you get taken on this incredible musical ride!

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