This 81 Year Old Guy Finds A Guitar In The Music Store. The Song He Plays With It Blew Me Away!

What is amazing is that we are amazed by the elderly man in the video below!  He walks into a music store and picks up a guitar and…he plays impressively! Why are we so amazed? The answer unfortunately lies in the way that our society sees aging.  Rather than seeing the elderly as older versions of themselves, we see them as people who are disappearing.

We used to have extended families, where grandparents helped us with our young.  More than one family often lived under one roof, and each generation took care of each other reciprocally.  Today we are amazed when an elderly person can do anything, let alone doing what the gentleman in this video does.

Clearly he played guitar, whether professionally or as a talented amateur.  This guy’s got chops!  Not only does he play fluidly, but he feels the music just as he did when he was a younger man.  We are all going to grow older, and it is time we took a healthier and more respectful view of those who grow old before us.

With good health we can go on to continue to be contributing members of society.  The man you are about to watch does a good job at counteracting our stereotypes. His name is Bob Wood and he is 80 years young!

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